My Three-Year Old’s FIRST Race!

Right before vacation, I shared the details of my oldest son’s first race – the local Father’s Day 5k! The funny thing is that I mentioned in the post (and telling loads others) that the perfect distance for the boys would be anywhere from a 1k to a 1 mile race but that we were hard pressed to find a race of that distance.

So you can understand my excitement when we found out about a 4th of July Kids Race while we were on vacation. It was only 5 minutes from my in-laws home in Willow, Alaska – and it was a 1K (~.6 miles). My youngest (will be 4 in September) was so disappointed that he was not able to run the Father’s Day 5k. My heart broke for him. He wants to do everything my oldest does – and 99% of the time blows me and my husband away because he is able to. But, I felt that a 5k for him was waaaay too long. I wanted his first race to be something manageable for him. So the 1K was perfect!

The boys were incredibly excited for the race – and to race with their cousins! We made a stop at Target two days before to get some patriotic shirts for them – and outfits for the girls!

IMG_3865 IMG_3959

When we got to registration (kids were free!), we were told that the kids race was really just a short dash and that the brochure on the website was inaccurate. I was so annoyed for the kids. After discussing a bit with my husband, mother-in-law and sister, we decided to map out a 1k route ourselves – they could start with the group but we would have an adult directing them to continue and then another at the turnaround. Well, other parents heard and soon the race organizers heard and they decided to change the course/distance to what we mapped out! So all the kids did the 1K!

My heart was literally bursting with happiness and pride watching my guys run.

My oldest ran the .6 miles like a seasoned runner – he was pretty proud of himself for running the whole way without stopping (and for coming in 4th).

IMG_3916 IMG_3921

My youngest asked me to run with him – I love how he is incredibly independent, yet also still dependent on me. We ran side by side for the first portion and then he continued on while I stayed with my niece for a bit. When we got close to the finish, I ran ahead so I could take a few pics and cheer him in!

IMG_3928 IMG_3903 IMG_3910 IMG_3923 IMG_3936

Since the race, the boys have both been talking nonstop about running and racing again. We have our eyes on a 1 miler for them in August and another couple in the late summer/early Fall!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! <3

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    5 thoughts on “My Three-Year Old’s FIRST Race!

    1. So awesome! It’s amazing how much enthusiasm kids can have for running when they are supported, encouraged, and have a running mama (or dad–or other inspiring running role model) in their lives! Happy running and racing with your family!

    2. THIS is awesome!!! GOOD JOB boys!!!!! (And cousins 😉 ) It’s ridiculous how, EVERY time I see a kids race, I get tears in my eyes. There is just something about seeing all those little kids do something that they probably wouldn’t have done if it hadn’t been for watching their own parents…Good job, Mom/Dad, for instilling healthy things into their lives and being an example to them!

    3. That is so exciting that they were able to race~ Now that I run as an adult, I wish I had a parent that ran and encouraged me to do the same. My parents encouraged me to do anything I wanted but I think I would have enjoyed running earlier on!
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