Racing This Weekend + Garmin Instagram Takeover!!

The last three weeks have been the best running in months. I’ve had three consecutive 50+ mile weeks – all with some speedwork and some long runs – and I feel great. I’m starting to get that burning in my belly to start training hard again. More on that soon!

I have some really fun short races coming up! This weekend is the Brooklyn Mile and I’m both excited and terrified! LOL. It’s the inaugural year for what promises to be an awesome race.


I don’t think I’m going to PR but I’m going to see what I can do. I ran my PR (5:28) this past winter at the Forest Avenue Mile which is a very fast course (granted, weather conditions were not ideal the last two years).

If you are in the NYC area, you should definitely consider this race – there are 7 waves – first the masters divisions (one for men, one for women), then the open divisions (one for women, one for men), then the elite race (one for women, one for men) and then the Friends and Family Mile.

BOTH of my little guys are running the Family Mile – we are ALL super pumped about them being able to participate. It’s a great race for young kids, older runners and those wishing to enjoy the race more than all-out race it.

I found out yesterday morning that I’ve been invited in the elite race – the “Nike Fast Movers Mile”. Yikes. The field will have between 20-25 females and I am fairly certain I will come in last place. But, still. I’m pumped just to be invited and participate in this field!

Post-race, my family is headed to my cousin’s bar in Bay Ridge for Brunch. And wine. Because what better way to celebrate a hard race then with some cocktails? :)


I’m also pumped because Garmin has asked me to take over their Instagram account on Sunday so I will be sharing all the activities – make sure you are following them so you can follow along!



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