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I realized the other day that I started blogging five years ago. Holy cow…that’s a long time. I also realized that I haven’t blogged in two months – the longest I have gone during my five years of oversharing (ha!).

The truth is, the lack of blogging wasn’t initially an intentional action. It first started simply b/c I didn’t have time to write some updates or share some of the recent races I had run. The summer was hectic and the start of fall proved to be even more so. The boys started school (both full-time) which initially seemed like it would make life easier, but that’s not the case. Our sitter got a full-time job and so between my husband and I we are juggling full-time work with dropoffs, pickups, homework and all the after-school activities they participate in (note: my mom and dad help out a ton as well!). They both have soccer clinic on Saturday mornings. AJ has baseball 2-3x/week and soccer (on his school’s team) 2x/week. Basically every day includes some sort of post-school activity. Between their activities, schoolwork, house work (we do not have a cleaning woman so all the heavy cleaning, laundry, etc is done on the weekends), running and just living, blogging moved from the “have to” list to the “nice to do” list and eventually to the “not necessary” list.

It was quite refreshing to realize how much stress was removed when I decided to take a step back from blogging. Simultaneously, I also decided to step away from all the free-lance work I had been trying to do – with, Women’s Running and a few other outlets. All of this was causing WAY more stress than was necessary and at the end of the day, doesn’t really add much happiness or enjoyment to my every day life. It honestly was freaking freeing.

Not coincidentally, the last couple of months have been some of the best in my life. Not perfect. Not easy. But rewarding, happy and amazing. And I feel like priorities are fully in the right order.

On the social media side of things, it’s been a bit of an amazing ride as well. Between photoshoots with Saucony (part of their “Runaways” series which comes out next week!), Garmin (my boys and I participated!), Delta (stay tuned for this!) and AirBnB to a trip to Kona with Oakley, I feel like I’ve had a crazy end to the year.


My sister pointed out to me the other day that I hit 50,000 followers on Instagram. For someone who’s livelihood is not social media – and doesn’t spend hours creating memes or quotes to share on my IG – I am floored and kind of speechless to have grown such a following. I’m always asked how my IG grew – I think part of it was timing (I started on IG when it was just becoming a “thing” in the social media world) to luck (I’ve been asked to work with brands that have helped promote my account) to the fact that I am just a normal runner with a job and family trying to juggle it all. I don’t do or share things for Instagram. I share my training – and I think that, in the end, is what other runners are drawn to.


I don’t want to do a huge dump in this post – so I will come back hopefully later this week to update on the running side of things (lots of breakthroughs the last few months, changed coaches, couple of recent race results…).

But I’ll end by sharing that in case you didn’t know…I’m running the NYC Marathon in less than two weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I was accepted into the Local Competitive wave and will be starting in the first wave of the first corral!!


I also have some BIG goals for this race – and that kind of freaks me out – especially when I really sit down and think about running 26.2 miles at the pace I want to. But, in the end it’s about the journey and just giving it my all. It’s been such a fun and challenging few months and I think that will parlay into a solid result on race day. Plus, I’m going to have a blast out there – it’s hard not to when you are running through your hometown streets, when you know TONS of people who will be out cheering and when you know the route so well you can do it in your sleep.

Hope you have been well!!

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    8 thoughts on “Life Lately, News, Updates and More!

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    2. SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HAPPY! That’s all that counts. Blogging can always wait 😉 Congrats on starting in the local competitive corral: that’s a huge life goal of mine! One day…

    3. Yay! You’re back posting!
      Can’t wait to read about NYC but mostly Its great to learn what goes into those amazing race times. Before I found this blog I thought speedy women were some sort of naturally occurring miracle who never felt boredom or discomfort and magically got the miles done with big smiles on their faces.
      Love your honesty and inspirational words. Thanks for oversharing, lol! It really makes a difference.
      Off to run after a 12-hour shift…

    4. Love everything about this and all that running and racing from your heart has brought you! I loved seeing your updates from Hawaii and look forward to everything else you have to share with us.

      GOOD LUCK in NYC and (I so know you will do this but…) have fun out there!!!
      Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Thick SkinMy Profile

    5. I LOVE that you share your training. I agree that I think that’s what many of us are drawn to. I don’t need to see the staged shots of runners with a generic quote (or god forbid another sponsored/ad post) – I want to see and follow everyone’s training, their workouts, their highs and lows, etc. Thank you for being you :)
      Also congrats on the competitive wave! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do in NYC!

    6. Even though you don’the blog as often as some others out there I always get excited when I see you have posted something! You’re realness and love for running is amazing! So happy to hear that life is so great. So jealous you got to go to Kona!! Good luck at NYC Marathon :) be comfortable with being uncomfortable…you’re gonna crush it!
      Fiona recently posted..Back At ItMy Profile

    7. life gets busy – especially when you have a career and kids! If blogging isn’t your main source of income, who cares how often you post? Sometimes other things in life need to come first.

      looking forward to tracking you on NYC Marathon day! I hope to run NYC again one year. Such an amazing race
      Rebecca recently posted..Thinking Out Loud Thursday #109My Profile

    8. You know what I notice the most when I read this? There’s a sense of contentment and happiness in your words. It has been an amazing ride for you and it’s well deserved. I can’t wait to cheer you on in a few weeks!!