Five Tips for Achieve a FitFluential Balance During the Holidays

All ready for my husband's holiday work gala!

As a runner, I often use running analogies to put things into context.  I view a calendar year the same way I view a marathon.

If you’ve ever hit the “wall” during a marathon, you know how painful the remaining miles can be. They never seem to pass and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to move any faster.  You spend the last few miles wishing you were more focused and dedicated with your training and swearing you’ll never run another one.

You wish you were able to finish strong.

Similarly, I don’t like ending the year in a rut – whether it’s pertaining to my running, diet, or overall lifestyle.  No matter how great the whole year was, if I’m in a downward spiral the last few weeks, it causes me to view the entire rest of the year as a letdown. And all I want is for the year to be over.

You wish you were able to finish strong

The ideal marathon is one where you run negative splits and cross the finish line pushing your hardest. The last few weeks of the year should end the same way – you should try to FINISH STRONG and cross the finish line (New Year’s) with a smile on your face, pleased at the hard work you put in.

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    Santa is bringing my son a doll?!?

    The boy doll my son will be getting

    My husband and I are joyfully celebrating our first Christmas and holiday season as parents.  We refer to our 11 month old son as “little man”.  He has started doing things that we envision young boys doing – he kicks the soccer ball around the apartment when he walks, he runs from room to room (he started walking at 8 ½ mo), and he seems to have a real interest in climbing onto things (his favorite is the shelf in the fridge).

    We started looking for gifts to add to his Christmas wishlist over two months ago – gifts that would be found under the tree from Santa and from his grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins.  There are many traditional toys for a young boy on our list – some arts and crafts, sport-related items (t-ball set, soccer net), a beginner race car and track, a tricycle, motorized 4-wheeler, building blocks, and sand table, to name a few.

    However, after spending an afternoon with my 3 ½ year old niece, a lightbulb went off in my head.  She has always been so gentle and loving towards her younger, smaller cousin (my son).  I never gave it much thought as to why she is so great with him as there are likely many reasons (she’s being raised well, she’s surrounded by lots of love and family).  But I watched her play, care for, and love her family (more like an army!) of dolls and realized that her exposure and introduction to them from a young age could possibly be playing a part.

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      Christmas List for Runners

      Since the holiday season is upon us, I decided to do a Christmas Wish List for Runners – things that your runner friend, sister, husband might like for Christmas this year!  

      Under $25
      – Add a little sparkle to that special woman in your life this holiday without spending hundreds of dollars!  Sparkly Soul Headbands are a great accessory for any runner looking for a functional, yet flattering headband.   Check out my review on Sparkly Soul headbands.  Headbands cost $15-17 (depending on width). 

      Nuun optimal hydration is an easy way to stay hydrated.  The tablets dissolve quickly in a glass of water, taste great, are low in calories, and contain a ton of electrolytes.  It costs $24 for one box (4 tubes=64 tablets), but if you order more than 1 box, each costs $22.  *Free shipping until Dec 9th

      – My husband purchased a Road ID bracelet for me when I was pregnant – it was one of the best gifts I every received.  I now wear it on every run I go on.  It contains your vital information (name, who to contact, phone #s) that can be used in case of an emergency while you are out running.  They range between $15.99 (for the slim – pictured below) to $29.99 (for the elite version).

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