“I’ll Have Another” Podcast with Lindsey Hein!


Hello and Happy, Happy Friday!! I’m so pumped for the weekend – especially since it’s supposed to absolutely gorgeous! I’m looking forward to relaxing a ton, some running, pool and sun time and some bbq’ing with my whole family on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day. If you happen to be one of the 5 (maybe 10? haha) men who read this blog and are a dad (of a human or furry friend!), Happy Father’s Day!!

I’m super excited to share my interview that I had with my good friend, Lindsey, last weekend! I know I mentioned it here already, but if you are into podcasts, definitely check out Lindsey’s I’ll Have Another podcast. Every single episode I have listened to has been amazing – the interviews feel like a couple of friends are sitting in your living room chatting about running, families, work or whatever other topic it may be.

Lindsey and I chat about everything from my time at West Point and the Army, being a stay at home mom with the boys, starting this blog (4.5 years ago!), training for an Ironman, returning to work and life/running lately.

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    The Pendulum of Priorities during Marathon Training


    I don’t post here every day, but I try to share my training, thoughts and tips on Instagram daily!

    The Boston Marathon will be my first marathon (in seven years) that I’ve trained for while working full time. I’ve learned a lot this cycle. I’ve become a better at time management. I’ve really learned the importance of sleep. I’ve learned that I need to be constantly monitoring my body for signs of over training or exhaustion.

    And I’ve learned about the swinging pendulum of priorities during a cycle. I think it’s a bit unrealistic to assume that your priorities will remain constant over the 3-4 months that you are training. Priorities will shift as the training cycle progresses. The closer you get to race day, the more important some of the key workouts and runs will be, and thus, the higher on the priority list that workout goes.

    Back in November, I blogged about how I was having a hard time finding the motivation to do long runs with my new schedule. I didn’t want to get up early again on Saturday after waking up early Monday through Friday. But, if I didn’t set an alarm, I had no motivation to run after my boys were awake and we were enjoying a relaxing morning drinking coffee/chocolate milk and playing games.

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      Women’s Running Magazine Feature


      A couple of months ago, I received an email from one of the editors at Women’s Running asking if we could schedule a quick phone call for a story she was working on. My family and I were on vacation (work-cation for my husband!) in Florida and the boys and I had driven to my grandmother’s home (she lives about 90 min away from where we were staying) for the day.

      Of course I said yes and we spent about 20 min chatting about running, kids and fitting in training with a family. I was pretty excited – I assumed I would be quoted in a story – either for the magazine or for an online article. Either way, it was a pretty big deal for me.

      So you can imagine my surprise when the magazine got delivered a couple of weeks ago and I saw that it was way more than just a quote. I’m extremely honored to be even be mentioned in the same section with the likes of Deena Kastor, Alysia Montano and Paula Radcliffe – all mother runners who have been such an incredible source of inspiration and strength for me through the years.

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        It’s Okay (Women’s Running post)

        photo (38)
        photo (38)

        Note: This post was originally posted on Women’s Running.

        Regardless if it’s your first or fifty-first race, you are probably like me and still get anxious and worried about race day. What if you start too fast? What if you don’t run the time you want? What if you do something wrong or make a running faux-pas?

        Take a deep breath and relax. It’s OKAY to do some things, even if they aren’t necessarily the best decisions or if they technically break some of the so-called running commandments. (Who makes these up anyway?) Life and racing is about living and learning, right?

        Here are some of the things that (I think!) are OKAY to do on race day:

        1. It’s OKAY to cry at the finish. And at multiple points along the course.
        2. It’s OKAY to spend way too much money on race photos. I always gasp at the price but if it’s a special race and/or I actually like the way I look running, I splurge and buy them!
        3. It’s OKAY to put on some makeup and fix your hair. Because: selfies and #2.
        4. It’s OKAY to wear the race shirt even when everyone tells you it’s bad luck. It’s not, trust me.
        5. It’s OKAY to get caught up in the race excitement and go out too fast. It will hurt later on in the race but you’ll survive!
        6. It’s OKAY to walk. Whether it’s through a water stop, up a hill or for the remainder of the race. Hold your head up high and remember that walking is better than not even trying.
        7. It’s OKAY to decide you really want to wear that new skirt on race day. Or shorts. Or shirt. Or all of the above. (It may hurt, there may be some chaffing, but it could be worth it!)
        8. It’s OKAY to curse running and your decision to run multiple times throughout the race. But I can almost guarantee that by the time you wake up the next day, you’ll be thinking about the next race.
        9. It’s OKAY to get competitive and want to pass that guy or girl in front of you.
        10. It’s OKAY to want to run the race for the post-race beer or brunch. I’ve done this and it’s 100% worth it.
        11. It’s OKAY to be disappointed about how you ran. But take it from me: there is always another race!.

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