Thank you for your interest in NYC Running Mama coaching.  Please email if you are interested in learning more. 

3 plans available

E-coaching – basic training plan:
8 weeks: $125
12 weeks: $175
18 weeks: $225
monthly: $50 (minimum 3 months)


  • Initial Email Consultation (based on questionnaire)
  • Assess future race/training goals
  • Individualized training plan for entire training session (training plan includes detailed description of workout – duration/distance, intensity/pace); plan is based on preference of number of days running, long run day (if applicable), specific days off, etc)
  • Very limited communication during training – plan is created for you at the start of the training cycle and you execute it

E-coaching – Individualized training:
8 weeks:$250
12 weeks: $375
16 weeks: $475
20 weeks:  $575
24 weeks: $650
Monthly ($125 – minimum 3 months)

– Initial Phone Consultation
– Evaluation of Race/Training History/Current running level
– Assess future goals
– Individualized training plan updated every two weeks based on performance (training plan includes a detailed description of workouts – duration/distance, intensity/pace); plan is based on preference of number of days running, long run day (if applicable), specific days off, etc
– Interactive training plan
– Unlimited communication via g-chat, email, and/or other chat programs
– Race week planning (if applicable)
– Long run/race day nutrition and hydration instruction

I played sports in high school but was never a runner and hadn’t run an inch, let alone a mile, in over 10 years when I approached Michele to help me train for a 4 mile race that I wanted to do.  She coached me over a span of two months during which point I went from a run/walk combination to being able to run over six miles at a time.  I completed my first race (a 4 miler) in 39:55 – well under my goal of 45 minutes!  One of the things I liked the most about working with Michele was her patience with me and her genuine desire to want to see me happy with the progress I was making.  She was extremely motivating throughout the process and really seemed to care about how I was feeling, not how far I was running.  With her support and expertise, I felt like I could finally reach my goal of running short distance races – and I did!  All thanks to her!  

– Danielle, 29, NYC, NY

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    1. Hey Michelle, I briefly spoke to you through DM on Instagram. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and finish the 2017 NYC marathon (I will be getting free entry through enrolling my students in Mighty Milers) at a respectable time. I used to run 5 miles daily about a year ago, but have not done so in quite some time. Interested in the E coaching individualized over 24 weeks, $650. My question is can I pay you via PayPal on a monthly basis? Maybe we can schedule a phone call later in the week to talk about specifics of what to expect. I have a treadmill that I would prefer to train on (Nordictrack c 900) where I can upload user created workouts, not sure if that’s something you do. Looking forward to achieving these goals with you!

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