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Welcome! Are you interested in working with NYC Running Mama? Below are some of the ways we can work together. Don’t see something you are looking for? Please contact me with what you have in mind. I am open to new ideas!  

  • Advertising – Interested in placing on ad on NYC Running Mama? Contact me for updated pricing and open locations.
  • Product Reviews, Promotions, Giveaways – I love trying out and reviewing products that are geared primarily towards running or triathlons. I will conduct an honest review of your product and will complete a post (or include a blurb in a post) if I feel your product would appeal to the readers of NYC Running Mama.  Please contact me if you are interested in sending me a product to review so we can discuss details and cost.
  • Freelance writing – Looking for an article or blurb for your magazine or online source? My writing has been featured on several sites and in print – I would happy to send you some of my writing if you are interested. Please contact me for more information and pricing.
  • Quotes / Inspirational Running Sayings – I love coming up with quotes about running (mostly while I am running!). See below for some of my previous work.
  • Travel/Destination Race Promotion / Reviews – Now that my boys are a bit older, I am looking to travel to destination races more. I can promote your race on my social media channels (Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) and would then review the race after it is complete! I am open to running races of any distance from the mile to ultras. Please contact me for pricing and to discuss dates/requirements.
  • Product Brand Ambassador – Looking for a runner to represent your brand? I am currently a Brand Ambassador for PowerBar, Sparkly Soul, MooMotion Sports, and FitFluential.



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    1. Hello! I just write a book in which I want to motivate peoples to start running so they will change their life. I want to do that because running helped me to overcome a hard period in my life so if you want to read it and tell me your honest opinion about it or if you think it requires improvements send me a response to
      With best regards

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