Getting Faster by Getting Stronger

Going up Heartbreak Hill - still smiling =)

I'll be the first to admit that I do not do enough core or strengthening exercises. At the start of every training cycle, I vow to myself that I will make it a habit to do both (like I did back in Jan 2012!), but that usually only lasts a week or two … {keep reading...}

Miles for Meg + The Beauty of Flexibility

photo (28)

Another week of training for the LA Marathon is complete. It was a good week of running and I was able to get in all my planned runs while also hitting my highest mileage (of this training cycle) - 64! Monday: 10 treadmill miles (8:06 pace). … {keep reading...}

Treadmill Running with Little Ones


As I've talked about a few times, I am not the biggest fan of the cold weather (by cold, I mean <25 degrees) nor running in the pitch black at 5am. So I tend to rely on the treadmill a lot during the winter months. Since we have one in our … {keep reading...}

Life and Running Lately


Life at home with the boys lately has been wonderful but crazy. I continually think that the next stage of their little lives will be easier and give me more "me" time during the day, but there's always something else that takes it away. I'm finding … {keep reading...}

New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year!!! After a string of some wonderful days of running, I woke up on New Year's Eve with a headache, congestion and general body aching that always indicates the start of something more serious. Stupidly, I forced myself through my … {keep reading...}

The Winter Funk + LA Marathon

dining room

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/holiday weekend with your family and loved ones. We had a fantastic celebration at our home on Christmas Eve with my sisters, their families and my parents. The week leading up to Christmas was pure chaos. … {keep reading...}

Unstructured Speedwork in Offseason

ryan snow

Yesterday was my oldest son's first Christmas party at school. Parents were invited to sit in for the last 30 minutes of the class while the kids sang Christmas songs and decorated cookies. And then we spent most of the afternoon outside in the … {keep reading...}

Bring On The Offseason

jess elizabeth

HUGE congrats to everyone who raced this weekend. From what I saw on twitter, there were a ton of PRs and amazing races!! So, in case you didn't see on Instagram, I gave the marathon another shot this past weekend - I participated in the Rehoboth … {keep reading...}

The Dichotomy of Running


Why is it always that the things that make us the happiest also have the ability to make us the saddest? These past few weeks have been a perfect example of this. During my most private moments, I find myself wanting to cry over the disappointment … {keep reading...}

Philadelphia Marathon Race Recap

mile 13

So first some GREAT news! I was selected as one of the 20 Inspirational Runners in the US by Dailyburn! The people on this list are amazing runners and people and I'm incredibly honored to be put in the same category as … {keep reading...}

2013 Philadelphia Marathon – Lesson in Not Quitting


First, I just want to give a HUGE congrats to Hallie, my "cadet" from the Saucony 26 strong team who is a marathoner!! Congratulations, Hallie!! =) This isn't the post I had planned on writing. I ran a 3:23:02 yesterday - almost 90 seconds slower … {keep reading...}

Thera-Gesic Giveaway Winners

there gesic

The three winners of the Thera-Gesic Giveaway are: Grand Prize: Heidi Kumm Runners up: Breanna Bigby-Sackrey & Melissa Leany Congratulations!!!  A rep from Thera-Gesic will be contacting you all before the weekend to obtain shipping … {keep reading...}

Training for Finish Line not Finish Line Clock: Philadelphia Marathon Goals

race week

My target race, the Philadelphia Marathon, is just four days away. I've talked about the things I'm doing differently this training cycle. It has been the most enjoyable, exciting training cycle to date - and I think the primary reason is that I have … {keep reading...}

Saucony 26 Strong Project Video #1

photo 3

As I I mentioned a few months ago, I was selected to be a member of the Saucony 26 Strong Project organized by Saucony, Competitor Group and Women's Running. Over the last few months, I've had the pleasure of getting to mentor and know Hallie, my … {keep reading...}

Changing the Way I Eat


During Ironman training, I felt hungry ALL the time. There never seemed to be enough food in the house to keep me full. Because I was always starving (and tired), I was reaching for things that were the quickest to cook/prepare: grilled steak, cold … {keep reading...}

Eight Mile Tempo to Ride into the Marathon


First week of taper is almost over. I'm still smiling and haven't gone crazy yet. I think a huge part of it is that I was still running every day and still had a few workouts to get in. So I haven't had to run easy for consecutive days yet. Ask me … {keep reading...}

PEAK Week Success

My police officer and little criminal (aka cop and robber)

Peak week ended on Sunday. I wanted to post this Monday but with the NYC Marathon and other commitments, I didn't have a chance to share the last hard week of training for the Philly Marathon. The week was amazing. It was kind of crazy - we had … {keep reading...}

Spectating the NYC Marathon

elite males

First, I just want to give a HUGE congrats to everyone who raced Sunday at the NYC Marathon. Conditions were not ideal (15 mph headwind for 20 miles makes me legs hurt just thinking about it) but there were so many amazing PRs, first time finishers … {keep reading...}

Thera-Gesic Review + Giveaway

there gesic

I rolled my ankle a few weeks ago during one of my AM runs as I discussed briefly here.  My ankle was slightly swollen but I had no pain walking the next day, so it seemed to be more of a light roll then a sprain - or something worse. But there was … {keep reading...}

Running in Cold Weather

photo (19)

It's that time of year again, friends! I didn't think that we would see temps in the 30s for another few weeks but winter seems to have crashed the party early. I tweeted this out before my run Saturday morning as a way to convince myself to dress … {keep reading...}

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