Running through Pregnancy

Years ago, it was a common belief that when a woman became pregnant, she should stop all physical activity and spend the next nine months moving slowly and gaining weight. Thankfully, most women now know that it is not only safe, but healthy – for you and your baby to continue exercising throughout pregnancy.

I continued running through my pregnancy – up until the day before my son was born on Jan 9, 2011. Β Here is a summary of the miles I ran and races I completed during the 9 months.

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- 55 miles/week
– Long run – 29 miles – I was training for my 1st ultra when I found out I was pregnant

1st Trimester
– 40 miles/week
– Long run – 12-16 miles
– The biggest change was the intensity and pace of my runs (most days became “easy” days instead of intervals, tempos, etc)

2nd Trimester
- 30-35 miles/week
– Long run – 10-14 miles
– My overall pace on runs began to get slower. Β I used to average about 8:30 min/mile on a regular day – in my 2nd trimester, it was around 9 min/mile
– 23 weeks: Fitness Mind, Body, and Spirit 4m Run on Sep 11, 2010 – 36:47 (9:11 pace)
– 27 weeks: Staten Island Half Marathon on Oct 10, 2010 – 2:00:15 (9:10 pace)

3rd Trimester
- 20-30 miles/week
– Long run – 8-10 miles
– My overall pace continued to slow down – most runs were around 9:30 min/mile
– 35 weeks pregnant: Jingle Bell Jog 4m Run on Dec 11, 2010 – 37:26 (9:21 pace)

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