10k Training Club

Ever wish you had someone to train with? Or that you have someone that runs your pace? Wish you could afford a running coach? Want to improve, but reached a plateau? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Amanda (Run to the Finish) and I are contacted by readers who are dealing with some of these issues.  Because of that, we’ve decided to organize and host a 10K training club. Amanda and I have teamed up to bring you encouragement, training plans, support and advice! The 10K is long enough to challenge yourself but short enough to not have to dedicate long training days to reach your goal. Regardless of what you are looking for – to lose weight, finish your first 10k or go after a PR, the 10k Training Club has a training plan for you. What’s Included in the 10K Training Club Training plans: 10K – First Finish {great for walkers, run/walkers or first time 10K runners} 10K – Fat Blaster {mixing in more strength and intervals to blast fat and cross the finish line} 10K – PR Crusher {you’ve finished a few 10K’s and just need a plan/advice/team to get Continue Reading →

Scotland 10k Race Recap

Race outfit

I got up early Saturday AM (5am) and did my usual pre-race routine: Drank my coffee, nursed the little guy who had just woken up (and decided not to go back to sleep), ate a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter, drank some Nuun, packed my bag and was out of the house by 6:30am.   I picked up my friend, Leticia (and her friend), and we made our way to the UWS.  After leaving the car in a garage by my sister’s building, I ran to the park and continued doing short out and backs from the start corrals as part of my 2-mile warmup. I got into the start corrals by 7:45 (the race started at 8am) and tried to stay loose and warm. Despite beautiful weather this week, it was a chilly morning in NYC – with the windchill, it felt like it was in the upper 20s.  My race outfit changed about 10x during the previous 24 hours.  I went with Nike shorts, PRO Compression Socks, Saucony Guide 6s, Lululemon tank,

Two Weeks Off From Running + Scotland 10k this weekend

First ride in the wagon!

I loved reading all your comments on yesterday’s post – glad to know that my husband and I are not the only ones who struggle with both fitting in working out daily. Ever have a day where everything seems to go your way?  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  Started with an amazing ~20 miles of the Lake Placid Ironman Course  on the trainer. This DVD is amazing.  I am so thankful that Amanda recommended it to me.  My plan is to use parts of the DVD for at least one bike ride a week so that I can become intimately familiar with the course.  The bike course at LP is 2 56-mile loops.  This DVD takes you through one complete loop with Coach Troy with pointers and tips for the course along the way. Both boys slept later than usual (6am for the oldest and 8am for the youngest) AND had joint naps (for a little bit) which allowed me to shower, work on training plans, respond to some emails, do  laundry, and clean the house. Then I had a few deliveries.  First Fedex dropped two huge boxes off containing this: read more

Hot Chocolate 10k Race Recap

Awesome coffee mug!

As I said yesterday, I’m not going to sit here and blame the freezing temperatures or the ice / slush on the ground as the reason I did not reach my goal.  I signed up for a race in the winter in NYC, so ice/snow/freezing temperature kind of goes along with the territory.  Do I think the conditions caused me to go a bit slower than I would have if things were warmer/drier?  Yes. Definitely.  Do I think they caused me to run 94 seconds slower (~15 sec/mile) than I needed to?  That may be a stretch.  And I can’t sit here today and “blame” the elements for that substantial of a time difference. At the end of the day,  I’ll really never know.  There’s no way to rewind that race, that one moment in time and do it again with better conditions.  So rather than dwell on what I didn’t accomplish and be pissed off at the external factors, I’m going to chalk it up as a great training run (and lesson) for my bigger goal this spring – sub-3:10 at the NJ Marathon. read more

Thanks, Mother Nature!

Yesterday’s 10k race didn’t go as planned…partially due to Mother Nature.  She decided to give us about an inch or so of snow Friday night.  It wouldn’t have been a problem had it not been well below freezing overnight and all day yesterday.  The race started at 8am and despite an amazing job by the NYCRuns crew, there were still large areas along the course that were extremely slushy and some areas that had bits of ice. Lots of ice/snow/slush/yuckiness: I finished in 43:34 (7:02 pace) with some very uneven splits (full recap to come tomorrow) – it’s really obvious those areas that were clear (and in the sun) and the ones that I had to slow down.  I don’t really know if I could have been able to run sub-42 if the conditions were better.  I’d like to think I could have, but I’m not going to blame the weather for not reaching my goal.  Just will use it as a learning point for my next wintry-mix race (maybe wear shoes with better traction?). read more

Helpful Distraction

Color Wheel

Yesterday’s workout – last hard run before Saturday’s 10k: 1 mile warmup: 8:41 pace 5k tempo: 6:40 pace (20:43) 1/2 mile cooldown: 8:17 pace I wanted to do a 5k today to practice running on tired legs to replicate what the second half of the 10k on Saturday will feel like.  My legs were definitely tired – they were starting to burn and feel extremely heavy by the second mile, but I managed negative splits (6:51, 6:42, 6:30) and never felt like I was all-out pushing it until the very end of the 5k.  Yesterday’s tempo and Tuesday’s speed workouts were HUGE confidence boosters for me. ——————————– In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I shared a photo of this AWESOME new app (Countdown+ Lite)  that I found out about from Jocelyn! Totally loving it!! Now I just need to get some better pictures to correspond to each race rather than just self portraits =) —————————————- When we bought this home last year, it was brand new – no one had ever lived in it before.  I loved it because it was all one color and would be really easy to paint.  My plan was to have the whole Continue Reading →

It’s Racing Time


This Saturday is my first race (where I’ll actually be racing for time) since I found out I was pregnant a year ago. I’m getting anxious, nervous, excited to race again.  I’m running the Hot Chocolate 10k in Prospect Park.  If I run a sub-42, I can apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  I haven’t raced a 10k in years – the last one was in 2008 when I was deployed to Iraq.  I’ve never trained for a 10k.  So I’m not totally familiar with how I should be running this week, tapering (if, at all), and resting. Love this quote: I reached out to my friend, Mike, late last week to get his opinion on what type of run I should do this past Saturday.  My marathon training plan called for 16 miles.  I wasn’t sure if that would be too much on me before this weekend’s race and whether I should switch the workout to a longer tempo or progression run instead.  Mike recommended that I stick to the training plan and then focus on shorter distances during my speed workout this week. read more

#Lucky13 Fitness Goals

Run this Year Challenge

  Happy New Year!! I love the start of the New Year.  There is something so exciting and invigorating about setting goals for the next 365 days and hearing about all the goals others have set. 13 has always been a lucky number for me (it was my high school basketball number for a few years), I decided to create my #Lucky13 Fitness Goals.  Some of them are the same goals as I had for 2012…I found out I was pregnant only a few weeks into 2012 and so almost all of my fitness-related goals had to be postponed until post-baby. 1. Complete 50 miler: JFK 50 miler (Nov 16)  This was one of my 2012 goals but pregnancy put it on hold.  The JFK 50 miler is the largest 50 miler in the world (over 1,000 finishers) and I have heard nothing but amazing things about the entire race experience. I ran my first ultra distance in 2010 and my first ultra race in 2011 and have been itching to do another one.  Current distance PR: 60k (37.2 miles) in 5:41 (Knickerbocker 60k, 2011) 2. Sub-3:10 Marathon: NJ Marathon (May 5)  I was able to defer this race last year Continue Reading →

When do you throw in the towel?

  Race for Recovery Update Photos post will be up tomorrow or Friday (taking me A LOT longer to compile them all then I had anticipated!) Results can be found here Giveaway Winners can be found here ———————————————– As you are probably aware, I was set to race the Hot Chocolate 10k on Sunday.  I had really big goals for the race: running sub-42 which would allow me to apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team. I spent the last 5 weeks following a training plan – cutting back on my mileage and focusing on regaining the speed I had lost during pregnancy. I reacquainted myself with the uncomfortableness of speed workouts and hard runs. I saw HUGE gains in just a few weeks.  My 5k time went from 21:36 to 20:50 in one week. I had successful tempo runs.  My last one included 4 miles at a 7:05 pace.  I finished feeling strong and anxious to run more. I was starting to believe in myself. Last Monday I planned to do a practice 10k.  My goal was sub-43 (~ 6:55 pace).  I jogged a mile warmup, stretched and began the 10k time trial.  I barely made it a mile. Something didn’t seem Continue Reading →

Race for Recovery Results

If you missed yesterday’s post about the Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners, you can find it here. There were 112 participants (who submitted times) for the 5k, 61 for the 10k, and 16 who completed both!! Below are the results for each – as well as twitter links (if applicable).  Congratulations to ALL of participants! =) 5k Results Place First Last Time 1 Lorenzo H 15:33 2 Bradley R 17:05 3 Steve L 18:28 4 Christopher S 19:27 5 Matt V 21:40 6 Jamie K 21:42 7 Lisa M 21:47 8 Kristin B 21:57 9 Ashley K 22:21 10 Andy C 22:25 11 Alison W 22:32 12 Kelly C 23:30 13 Marc C 23:30 14 Tiffany B 23:44 15 Mary M 24:11 16 Justine L 24:30 17 Pamela P 24:30 18 Siobhan M 25:00 19 Amanda B 25:10 20 Elizabeth P 25:21 21 Jennifer P 25:29 22 Adam B 25:34 23 Stacey B 25:42 24 Melissa B 26:09 25 Hyedi N 26:22 26 Christina M 26:39 27 Christine Y 26:42 28 Peter B 26:47 29 Ron V 26:57 30 Ashley B 26:59 31 Kate M 27:03 32 REBECCA K 27:10 33 Samantha S 27:29 34 Maureen C 27:35 35 Kim Continue Reading →

Race For Recovery 5k/10k Virtual Run Update


HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, supported, and helped spread word about the Race for Recovery.  There are over 225 people who will be running – and even more importantly – we’ve raised almost $9,000. I’m so thankful and amazed with the amount of support that I have received in spreading the word about this race.  In the process, a few things were checked off my bucket list!! =) Men’s Health: highlighted the Race for Recovery as one of the TOP TEN winter races in America!!! Runner’s World: Posted the race info on their Facebook page (and caused my website to subsequently crash because of the unprecedented high traffic that ensued -> there are much worse things in life!) The Staten Island Advance: Article (print and online) about the Race for Recovery on Dec 5, 2012 Women’s Running Magazine: Talked about the Race for Recovery on their blog on Nov 13, 2012. Fitness Magazine: Mentioned the race in their Holiday Fit Links:  FitFluential: Included information on their blog and monthly newsletter: read more

First Step is Believing + Review of Saucony Guide 6

My biggest goal right now is to make the 2013 Saucony Hurricane Team.  In order to even apply, I have to run a qualifying time in the 2012 calendar year.  We are 2/3 through November and I find myself with my back against the wall and the clock winding down. I’ve been hesitant to discuss it openly because I’m scared of failing.  I have convinced myself that maybe I won’t be as disappointed if I don’t full invest myself in it.  If I don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean that much to me…right?  I don’t want to spend the next four weeks training, pushing, believing…only to come up short on race day.  It will crush me. But I realized last weekend that I can’t expect to run that time unless I devote 100% of myself to it.  I can’t push myself as hard as I need to if I hear the voices in my head. I need to believe in myself.  The first step is believing. The second step – find a race.  I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 10k on Dec 16 on Roosevelt Island – two loops around the almost entirely flat island.  I have to run a sub-42 Continue Reading →

Remembering How to Run Uncomfortably

First real "race" postpartum

I am slowly starting to feel more and more like myself when I run.  I’m not at my pre-pregnancy shape or pace (and don’t expect to be there for some time), but I feel stronger each day I run. Since my son was born (almost 2 months ago!!!), I have tried to take it one day at a time and not push myself too much physically.  Although I started running almost immediately, I didn’t want to overdo it with mileage or speed.  Over the last 7+ weeks I have focused on: Very slowly increasing my long runs (up to 12 miles) Decreasing my pace on my easy runs Decreasing days off in between run days (I’m back to running 5-6 days/week) I occasionally would pick up the pace for a mile or so but decided to hold off on doing any sort of speedwork until I felt I ready.  I made the decision this past weekend that I was ready – partially because I feel great running, partially because I’m back to getting a good night’s sleep (Ryan sleeps 6-8 hours at a stretch now) and partially because I have my first “race” on the calendar for this year. I didn’t Continue Reading →

Race Recap / Review: Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival Weekend 10k

Runner's World Half & Festival

The Runner’s World 10k was my first “race” post-baby.  I wasn’t completely racing it as I am still trying to be patient with my return and not over-exert my body before it’s ready…but I certainly pushed myself harder than I have in 10 months! Although the course description and profile didn’t sound or look too hilly, it was much hillier than I expected and was ready for.  I avoided hills like the plague at the end of my pregnancy (I was recovering from posterior pelvic pain that developed in July) and so I haven’t run on really any hills since the first week in July. I started off the run with two amazing (and speedy!!) ladies that I got to spend time with and get to know this weekend – Kristin and Kat.  They ran the Hat Trick over the weekend and were still the flying in the 10k like it was the only race of the weekend! Somewhere just before the 1st mile, I started to drift back from them.  I was worried about starting way too fast and then crashing and burning at the end, so I didn’t try to keep up (and I wouldn’t have lasted very long if I had tried!). Continue Reading →

Short Term Race Plans

Runner's World Half & Festival

After 8 months of comfortable, easy running, I am anxious to have a race on the calendar, to start training for something…As I said in an earlier post, running for fun/pleasure is great, but I love having something to focus on and push towards. So with that said, this is what the remainder of 2012 looks like for me.  While I am excited to have a few *races* on the agenda, I am realistic about the possibility of PR’ing (not happening!).  I will be running these races as a way to slowly get back into the running shape I was in pre-baby. – Runner’s World Half & Festival (10k) – Oct 20: I  am SO excited for this opportunity.  Thanks to FitFluential and Runner’s World, I am heading to Lehigh Valley in a few weeks.  The weekend looks to be amazing – 35 other bloggers, great speakers (including Bart Yasso, Shalane Flanagan, and Kristin Armstrong), events with RW editors, and a good variety of races.  Plus it is my birthday weekend!!  As much as I would love to run the half, I don’t think I am physically going to be up to it yet.  More importantly, I don’t think I will Continue Reading →