10k Training Club

Ever wish you had someone to train with? Or that you have someone that runs your pace? Wish you could afford a running coach? Want to improve, but reached a plateau?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Amanda (Run to the Finish) and I are contacted by readers who are dealing with some of these issues.  Because of that, we’ve decided to organize and host a 10K training club.

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Amanda and I have teamed up to bring you encouragement, training plans, support and advice! The 10K is long enough to challenge yourself but short enough to not have to dedicate long training days to reach your goal.

Regardless of what you are looking for – to lose weight, finish your first 10k or go after a PR, the 10k Training Club has a training plan for you.

What’s Included in the 10K Training Club

  • Training plans:
    • 10K – First Finish {great for walkers, run/walkers or first time 10K runners}

    • 10K – Fat Blaster {mixing in more strength and intervals to blast fat and cross the finish line}
    • 10K – PR Crusher {you’ve finished a few 10K’s and just need a plan/advice/team to get your running to the next level}
  • Private Facebook that will form your TEAM
  • Group support
    • New runners will be able to learn from those with more experience
    • Experienced runners (veterans) will have people to push them past plateaus
  • Support for everyone to guide and push you to the holidays
  • Two coaches without the price of individual training
  • Weekly emails with tips on running form, nutrition and injury prevention


  • Upon registration you’ll receive immediate access to the private Facebook Group where the training plans, FAQs and ongoing support from one another will take place. Training will officially kick off as a team on Sept 30th. 
  • As training begins you’ll receive weekly emails from us to help you stay focused, excited and on track. During the 9(ish) week training program you will be introduced to countless other runners, achieve new goals and push yourself to new limits.


  • Sign up: TODAY – Sept 25th {Sign up HERE} Training: starts Sept 30th Cost: $75 {A running coach often runs $60/hour and you are getting 2 two certified coaches  for almost 10 weeks} Prizes: We’ll be announcing sponsors soon, but you won’t be disappointed!! Race selection: We are recommending you try to find a Thanksgiving Day 10k! If you are unable to find a local race around that time, you can always participate and run the 10k on your own!

    What it’s not – This is not private one-on-one coaching, which means we can’t answer every single question, but we will jump in daily to answer questions that will help the group. The best part about that is there are so many questions you won’t even think to ask that others will; now you’ll have the answers!

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