Happy Bump Day! (27 weeks)


Holy Moly. I have one week left until I am in the 3rd trimester – the home stretch!! Overall, I feel great.  There are definitely those days where I really feel like I’m pregnant, but for the most part, I am able to do most things I was doing prior to pregnancy. Running – Running has continued to be one of the highlights of my day (on the days I run!).  I’ve had some absolutely amazing runs the last couple of weeks and am still maintaining an 8:30-8:45 pace on the majority of them.  My weekly mileage is ranging anywhere from 20-35 miles/week with runs between 4-10 miles.  I ran 10 this past Saturday and felt that I could easily have run further.  But I’m really trying to not overdo it with high mileage since I have my son to return home to and take care of.  I had the luxury of only worrying about myself during pregnancy #1 and so if I was exhausted from a long run, I could kick my feet up and nap for the rest of the afternoon.  Having a 17 month old toddler makes that difficult!!  So the mileage is not as high as Continue Reading →

10 Mile Progression Run, Wedding and Father’s Day

Perfect way to start a beautiful weekend!

I am amazed at how packed our weekends seem to get in the blink of an eye!  I have all these little jobs around the house for my husband to do (that I can’t do b/c I’m a) not handy and/or b) are almost 6 months pregnant) on the weekends, but lately our weekends have been jam-packed with activities, weddings, parties – and the next few weeks don’t show any signs of stopping. Last weekend was the  Mini 10k and my sister’s gorgeous wedding. This weekend started with a 10 mile progression run-commute for me, a drive down to Annapolis for a friend’s wedding, and Father’s Day back on Staten Island on Sunday. Let’s rewind: My younger sister who lives in NYC was coming to Staten Island Saturday night to keep my mom company at our house while she babysat our son.  There is no public transportation that would get her reasonably close to our house (with the exception of a slow bus), so the plan was to leave a car at my mom’s (who lives about 25 minutes north of us and close to the train stop) for her to drive when she arrived. read more

NYRR Mini 10k and a Beautiful Wedding = Perfect Weekend

My stunning mom with my little guy!

I started off the busy weekend bright and early in NYC with 6,000+ other females running the NYRR Mini 10k in Central Park.  It was a humid, muggy morning and I was thankful that it stayed overcast for the race otherwise it would have been uncomfortable. I had no expectations going into this race.  Not wearing a Garmin allows me to run at a pace that feels comfortable without worry, concern, or care about how fast (or slow) I am going – so I had no idea how fast I was going until I got to each mile marker.  My number (389) meant I could have started in the first corral, but I moved back to the second in order to prevent any temptation to keep up with the women in the front. I reached the 1st mile marker at 7:40 – which meant that my first mile was about 7:30. It was a lot faster than I have been doing my daily runs, but I felt good.  I wasn’t out of breath and was enjoying pushing the pace for a change.  The first mile is the ONLY FLAT section of the course and I knew that my pace would naturally Continue Reading →

Happy Bump Day! (25 weeks)


Happy Hump Bump Day! My life has been a whirlwind since my last update THREE weeks ago!  We are finally all moved into our new/first home.  By “all moved in” I mean that everything we own is under one roof – but we still have a long way to go before we are completely settled.   Thankfully, I have about 3 1/2 or so months until Pumpkin makes his/her arrival, so plenty of time to take it slow and get it all done. The 22 week fetal anatomy appointment went great!  Pumpkin is healthy and on track for size.  The technician was able to get a TON of awesome pictures of Pumpkin – he/she was super cooperative during the ultrasound (much more than my son EVER was during these!). Running – I’ve really enjoyed running the last few weeks.  I cut back on the number of days/frequency of runs last week (didn’t really run at all!!) because I was so busy with packing, cleaning, and moving.  It felt good to rest my body for an extended period of time.  My pace has definitely slowed down a bit – Most of my runs are now between 8:40-8:50 pace and if I try to Continue Reading →

Happy Bump Day! (22 weeks)

22 weeks

Happy Hump Bump Day! Well another two weeks have come and gone…I am now in my 22nd week of pregnancy.  I have my fetal anatomy ultrasound later today…despite being able to feel the baby kick and move pretty frequently these days, I always get nervous in the hours leading up to an appointment.  Did/does anyone else experience this?  Today would be the day that we could find out the sex of the baby – if we wanted to…I have to say, there is a small part of me that would love to know – simply for the logistics of painting Pumpkin’s room before we move in a few weeks…But, in the end, I know the surprise is what we want.  I’ve learned that it’s easier to not find out if you are proactive and just tell the technician / nurse as soon as you walk in the room that you don’t want to know.  Otherwise, he/she will ask you midway through the appointment while you are excited and happy to be seeing the baby in 3D/4D. I’m really starting to feel exhausted by the end of each day.  My calves, ankles, and feet are a little swollen at night if I don’t make a concerted effort Continue Reading →

How to Run a Marathon while 20 Weeks Pregnant

nyc marathon

Spoiler alert…this post is NOT about running 26.2 miles all at once when you are pregnant!  I’m a believer in the everything in moderation thinking during pregnancy, so I will likely never run a marathon when I am expecting. This past weekend, I ran the 26.2 miles over the course of 3 days.  Yes, I know I didn’t actually run a marathon by technical terms, but this is the closest I will likely get to running a marathon for the next 6-7 months! One of the things I miss most about running when I am pregnant is the challenge…During pregnancy #1, I didn’t have any measurable goals for myself.  Yes, I wanted to stay healthy and active and run as far into pregnancy as I could, but there were no day-to-day or week-to-week goals.  I would run however far I felt up to running.  While this is definitely a great way to go about running during pregnancy, I found it boring and for months, felt like something was missing.  I missed the excitement of having a goal, having something to strive for, and then the euphoric feeling afterwards of achieving that goal. read more

Happy Bump Day! (20 weeks)


Happy Hump Bump Day!  Today marks the start of Week 20 of pregnancy – I’m already halfway through with this pregnancy (assuming Pumpkin decides to make a punctual appearance)! The last two weeks have seen their share of good and bad days.  The good days have been amazing – no aches or pains and lots of running miles.  But I’ve also had a handful of days where I felt achy and just wanted to stay in bed and lounge around all day.  I guess it’s a blessing, in a way, to have AJ around – he forces me to be active even on days when I would prefer to sit on the couch and veg. Cravings – Lately I have been craving dairy like it’s nobody’s business – so lots of chocolate milk, pepper jack cheese, and mozzarella.  I also am constantly in the mood for steak or creamy pasta (think unhealthy) most nights for dinner.  Surprisingly, I’m not craving ice cream this pregnancy – with my son, we were making almost nightly visits to the local ice cream shop. read more

Happy Bump Day! (18 weeks)


Happy Hump Day!!! I’ve been asked a lot recently to do an update on my pregnancy…I don’t want my whole blog to be focused on my pregnancy, so I have decided to update you on my bump on hump day every other week! =) I just started my 18th week of pregnancy!?!?  I don’t know where the time is going.  It’s both scary and exciting to think that in just a couple of weeks, I will be halfway through pregnancy #2. Since this is my first official pregnancy update, it’ll be more of an overview of my pregnancy so far… I started getting nauseous early in my 7th week (that’s when the lightbulb went off that I was pregnant) and it got progressively worse until the 12th week.  It was so bad at times that I spent large portions of the day lying down on the floor next to my son while he played.  I had major lulls in blogging/reading blogs/tweeting during this time because doing anything upright was a struggle for me. My diet was awful – I alternated between wanting to eat only fried food (umm, hello Wendys!) with having no appetite at all to not being able to Continue Reading →

A Weekend of Sparkle


I spent Friday and Saturday at the More Fitness Half Expo in NYC  – helping a friend run her Sparkly Soul Booth!  It was SO much fun.  Not only did I get the chance to meet tons of awesome ladies running the female-only race (held yesterday) and help sell a product I love and 100% endorse, but I was given a detailed account of how my girlfriend created this amazing small (but growing rapidly) company – from conception to launch to where they are today (8 months later).  I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting a company for a while and I walked away from the weekend with the confidence that it is something that I can do (more to follow on this – SOON!). One of the coolest things about being at a race expo in NYC was getting the opportunity to FINALLY meet many bloggers and twitter friends that I have been chatting with for the past 6 months!  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures since I was working, but I did get to chat with everyone!!  I met: Leticia, Jocelyn, Theodora, Jess (who I had met briefly back at the NYC Marathon in Nov), Gia, Continue Reading →

To wait or Not To Wait??

My husband and I are not finding out the sex of baby #2.  We waited with our first child and felt that it made the experience exciting and special. I am not going to try to convince anyone that you should wait…I think it is a personal decision and from what I’ve experienced, most females feel very strongly about it – one way or the other. But I wanted to write this post to explain why we decided to wait – why it was the right decision – for us.  Waiting to find out the sex of the baby was all I knew growing up.  I remember my 2 sisters and I having a contest to guess whether our youngest sibling was going to be a boy or girl, how long, how much he/she would weigh…Waiting to find out was fun and exciting. Not to mention that all the movies I had seen that had the birth of a baby showed the husband coming out of the L&D room yelling, “It’s a…” and the extended family screaming and yelling.  I never pictured my husband coming out of the room saying anything but that. read more

Got Chocolate Milk?

Source: Weber Shandwick

My weekend in Galveston, TX was a whirlwind.  I’ve been a spectator at many races before, but I had yet to experience it as official media.  (Tomorrow’s post will cover the IM race) As I mentioned in a post last week,  I was recently contacted by representatives from the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?™  campaign to come to Galveston to meet Chris Lieto, participate in the unveiling of his new ad, and watch the half-Ironman. I flew into Houston late Friday afternoon and met up with the other 4 bloggers who were participating in the weekend’s events: –     Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat –     Kelly from According to Kelly –     Ray from DC Rainmaker –     Ben from Everyman Tri I started Saturday morning with a sunrise run – eight (or so) hot, humid, and sweaty miles along the beach. After the run, I stretched and drank water in my room (and finished the first Hunger Games book!!) in preparation for a scheduled group run at 9am.  When I made my way down to the lobby, I found out that we were going to have some pretty awesome company on the run – Chris Lieto!  He was incredibly friendly and down to earth.  If you didn’t Continue Reading →

Running through Pregnancy – Part 3 – the 2nd Trimester

4 mile race @ 24 weeks

In case you missed it, Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here. By the end of the 2nd trimester, I was averaging between 30-40 mi/wk while running anywhere from 4-10 mi/day. My “easy” pace had begun to slow down – instead of an 8:30 pace, most runs were now around 9:00 min/mile. I had heard numerous times that the 2nd trimester was the honeymoon phase of pregnancy…after experiencing it, I could not agree MORE!  For most of the 2nd trimester, I was able to run 6x days a week and was actually running more at 25 weeks then I was at 10 weeks. My belly was slowly growing, but it was still small enough to not get in the way while running.  The occasional nausea I felt in the 1st trimester was gone and my energy levels were through the roof.  There were days where I felt like I could run forever – and I often turned planned short runs into long, slow ones (upwards of 10 miles) because I felt great.  Races I completed Since I felt so great during the 2nd trimester, I decided to sign up for a few local races.  I ran the Fitness Mind, Body and Continue Reading →