BIG News, More Races and Last Speed Workout


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had some exciting news to share with you all…On Monday, my husband, both boys, and I will be heading down to Atlanta, GA, to spend the week working with Mizuno!!! A short time ago, I was contacted by Mizuno’s PR agency to see if I was interested in participating in their upcoming ad campaign.

Hello?  Is this real life?!?!  There was ZERO hesitation.  I started wearing Mizunos in mid-2007 when I was training for the Army 10-miler (when I was a member of the Ft Hood Army-10 miler team).  Mizunos were on my feet for that race, for every single run during my last deployment, for my first Boston Marathon (and current marathon PR), for my pregnancy running, and many brilliant moments in between.

We fly out Monday, film for the better part of the week, and will be flying home Friday.  I am SO incredibly excited, humbled, and honored to have been asked by Mizuno to participate in their campaign.  I will share what I can via twitter and Instagram (and maybe a blog post) during my adventure next week.

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    Got Chocolate Milk?

    Source: Weber Shandwick

    My weekend in Galveston, TX was a whirlwind.  I’ve been a spectator at many races before, but I had yet to experience it as official media.  (Tomorrow’s post will cover the IM race)

    As I mentioned in a post last week,  I was recently contacted by representatives from the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?™  campaign to come to Galveston to meet Chris Lieto, participate in the unveiling of his new ad, and watch the half-Ironman.

    I flew into Houston late Friday afternoon and met up with the other 4 bloggers who were participating in the weekend’s events:

    –     Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat
    –     Kelly from According to Kelly
    –     Ray from DC Rainmaker
    –     Ben from Everyman Tri

    I started Saturday morning with a sunrise run – eight (or so) hot, humid, and sweaty miles along the beach.

    After the run, I stretched and drank water in my room (and finished the first Hunger Games book!!) in preparation for a scheduled group run at 9am.  When I made my way down to the lobby, I found out that we were going to have some pretty awesome company on the run – Chris Lieto!  He was incredibly friendly and down to earth.  If you didn’t know he was a world-class triathlete, you would never assume it from talking to him. (Note: If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ bio, I would recommend spending two minutes and reading it – he didn’t start doing triathlons until he was 25 years old and even had to overcome an accident that fractures his foot in over 50 places which doctors felt would prevent him from ever running again)

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      RRCA Certification and IM 70.3 Texas

      I have been waiting for almost a year for a Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) course to open in the vicinity of where I live, so when I received an email 4 months ago that there was a class being offered in Deal, NJ, I immediately signed up.  These courses are offered throughout the country during the year and are notorious for filling up within days (sometimes hours) of registration opening.

      I spent this past weekend in a Fire Station in Deal, NJ with 33 other running enthusiasts learning the basics of coaching.  We had 17 hours of instruction which included powerpoint slides, discussions, and practical exercises.  While there were many aspects that I was already familiar and comfortable with (I have been making training plans for myself as well as friends and family for several years), I learned quite a bit about training for shorter distances.  To be honest, with the exception of a couple of “couch to 5k” plans, I’ve never created a training plan for a race that was less than a half-marathon.

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        Is borrowing (or selling) a race bib wrong?


        Source: Star-Telegram

        This past weekend was the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas.  Initial runner-up Kolin Styles was declared the winner of the 26.2-mile race when Scott Downard was disqualified because he crossed the finish line with another person’s number and failed to register for the race.(Read more here)

        Many of us have been in this situation before: You paid a good deal of money for entry into a race, but in the days leading up to the race, an obligation pops up, you get injured, you are sick, etc.

        The race is sold out.  You have a friend who really wanted to run the race but didn’t register in time.  What do you do?

        Do you illegally give them your bib?  Or do you accept it as a forfeited $ while both you and friend watch on the sidelines?

        Many (if not most) races these days list the following terms and conditions when signing up for a race:

        “Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-refundable, non-exhangeable, and non-transferable under any and all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of your participation.”                          – NYRR website

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