Please Don’t Judge My Parenting


I had planned on publishing a different post today, but after last night’s experience, I felt the need to vent.

My sister, my (almost) 16 month old son, and I went out for a very early dinner to our local diner.   It’s not as easy as it once was to take him out to eat.  My son has always had a desire to be on the move – he crawled and walked extremely early and would much rather be on his feet, free to explore and wander than strapped in to a chair.

So asking – or expecting – him to sit patiently in a highchair for upwards of an hour while there are so many fun new things to see and touch and people to walk over to, smile at, and babble to is a long shot.   The one thing that will usually occupy him and keep him entertained is food.   He loves eating and meal time is now another part of his independence – he has perfected the use of a fork (which he is very proud of) and is happy to spend large amounts of time feeding himself.    

However, tonight was one of those nights where he had no interest in eating, and therefore sitting. Maybe it was because he was up twice during the night or that his third molar just cut.  Maybe he was just cranky and having an off day.  Maybe he was being a normal 16 month old boy.  Whatever the reason, he had no desire to sit in the highchair or behave the way I’m used to when we are in public.

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