2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon: Race Recap

brooklyn half

The only thing better than running a PR at the Brooklyn Half on Saturday was helping a good friend run one.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had decided to forego racing on Saturday. My coach and I both felt it was a bit too close after Boston – my first speed work was this past week (8 miles with 4 at tempo) and I am still in the regeneration stage. I also felt that I was mentally not ready. Training for – and racing – a marathon takes a lot out of me and I didn’t feel like I could wrap my head around running all out for 13.1 miles so soon.

I reached out to my dear friend, Jen, and offered to pace her. I’ve been coaching her for a while and knew that she wanted to run sub-2. It seemed like the perfect option – I could use it as a shorter long run, still get to run and experience the Brooklyn course/race and help a friend achieve her goals.

Before I get into the details of the entire morning, I wanted to talk about some of the pros and cons of the race (this is just my opinion).

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    Founder’s Award and a DNS

    Founder's Award

    Lots of updates from the weekend!!

    I was notified by the alumni association from my elementary school alma mater, St Christopher’s, a couple of months ago with the news that I was selected to receive the 2012 St. Christopher Founders Award (along with other honorees).

    The dinner and ceremony were amazing – there were SO many former teachers, parents of classmates, and alumni present – it was like a mini-reunion for me!  I hadn’t been back to my elementary school in almost 11 years so going back – this time with my husband and son was so much fun.  But it was strange – part of me felt like time had stopped and I was right back in school, in the gymnasium, playing basketball like I had 17 years ago (gosh, I am getting old!).

    Here are a few pictures from the evening:


    As you may remember from previous blog posts, I had planned on running the Brooklyn Half Marathon this past weekend.  However, I made the decision late Friday night to forego the race for a few reasons:

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