Battle of the Sexes – Household Bragging Rights

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Mondays Workout: Rest Day – Giving my legs an extra rest day this week since I have a BIG 10k this weekend (more details later this week)!

Fact: I am a competitive person with just about everything in life (sometimes over the silliest things).

Like last weekend: My husband and I were putting together Thomas puzzles with (for) my son.  There were four of them.  After putting the first two together, he said he would do one and I could do the other.  So, of course, it became a competition for me.  He didn’t need me to say it to know that I was suddenly racing to beat him.  (In case you were dying to know…I won.  Bazinga (totally obsessed with The Big Bang Theory at the moment).)

Or growing up: My sisters and I would compete to see who could get the best grades in school.  Okay.  Maybe they didn’t compete with me.  But I was definitely competing with them. =)

Or with military-related things:  My husband went to more schools then I did in the military (he’s a Ranger, Airborne, and Air Assault qualified while I am only Airborne).  But I deployed more times (and for more time) than he did.

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    Runner’s Wager – #MilesofShame

    Last year, Pavement Runner and I started a friendly wager when the NY Giants played the SF 49ers in the NFC Championship.  We did it again when the Giants played the Patriots in the Superbowl (GO GIANTS!!).  There were over 110 participate in the SuperBowl Challenge and we received a lot of positive feedback  – SO we have decided to do it again this year!!

    Sadly, my NY Giants are not in the playoffs (Pavement Runner’s 49ers are!), but that doesn’t mean I was gong to let an opportunity for some friendly competition pass me by.

    Below are the details if you are interested (taken from Pavement Runner’s post):

    If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles (#milesofshame).

    49ers beat the Packers 45-31. Loser would have to run 14 miles.
    Ravens beat the Broncos 38-35. Loser would have to run 3 miles.

    Mile Limit:
    We know that not everyone can go out and run a bunch of miles in the case of a blowout, but it does HAVE to be challenge. We’ve limited the MAX miles to be 20. If that many miles still seems too high, we still want you to be part of it and you can cap your “bet” at 10.

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