Redecorating + Steady State Running


I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of our house now that it’s freshly painted and most of the moulding and other upgrades are finished.  Technically our home is considered a rebuild, however, it’s really a new home.  The previous owners left only one wall standing and rebuilt the entire house (and didn’t live in it after they built it).  While many things were finished and in perfect condition, there were many things left for us to finish when we bought the home – there were no light fixtures, window dressings, fixtures (knobs, bathroom lights, mirrors, etc) , or backsplash, the fireplace was unfinished, and the whole house was painted one color. Don’t get me wrong – we LOVE the house and everything about it – but it ended up taking us much longer (and much more $) than we had planned so we had to hold off on doing some things (like paint) until we had the money.

I’ll give you the first floor update in a future post.

Entry – stairs were just refinished and hallway/entry painted:

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    Helpful Distraction

    Color Wheel

    Yesterday’s workout – last hard run before Saturday’s 10k:

    • 1 mile warmup: 8:41 pace
    • 5k tempo: 6:40 pace (20:43)
    • 1/2 mile cooldown: 8:17 pace

    I wanted to do a 5k today to practice running on tired legs to replicate what the second half of the 10k on Saturday will feel like.  My legs were definitely tired – they were starting to burn and feel extremely heavy by the second mile, but I managed negative splits (6:51, 6:42, 6:30) and never felt like I was all-out pushing it until the very end of the 5k.  Yesterday’s tempo and Tuesday’s speed workouts were HUGE confidence boosters for me.


    In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I shared a photo of this AWESOME new app (Countdown+ Lite)  that I found out about from Jocelyn! Totally loving it!!

    Now I just need to get some better pictures to correspond to each race rather than just self portraits =)


    When we bought this home last year, it was brand new – no one had ever lived in it before.  I loved it because it was all one color and would be really easy to paint.  My plan was to have the whole house painted before we moved in (or shortly after).  But between being really pregnant, having a new baby, time just getting away from us and not having the money to pay for painting (and all the accompanying upgrades we want), very few rooms have been finished (oldest son’s bedroom, our bedroom, and playroom are the three finished rooms in the house).

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