Spring Racing and 2014 Plans

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This post is a long time coming. And just plain long. I apologize in advance if it seems like a bunch of random thoughts thrown out. But there are a lot of factors going into my plans for the year and I want to try to explain them all so that my decision makes sense […]

LA Marathon Weekend + Goals

ryan hall

In less than 48 hours, I will be on my way to warm, sunny LA to participate in the Asics Blogger Challenge. The forecast for the weekend looks absolutely amazing – a little warm (for my taste) for running a marathon, but after the crazy weather we’ve been dealing with here, the 75+ degree days […]

My Favorite Home Workout DVDs


After making the commitment a few weeks ago to get back into the habit of doing core and strength work on a more regular basis, I decided to purchase a few workout DVDs to help me stay on track. I have some regular exercises that I enjoy doing, but have heard amazing things about barre […]

Getting Faster by Getting Stronger

Going up Heartbreak Hill - still smiling =)

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not do enough core or strengthening exercises. At the start of every training cycle, I vow to myself that I will make it a habit to do both (like I did back in Jan 2012!), but that usually only lasts a week or two and then […]

Miles for Meg + The Beauty of Flexibility

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Another week of training for the LA Marathon is complete. It was a good week of running and I was able to get in all my planned runs while also hitting my highest mileage (of this training cycle) – 64! Monday: 10 treadmill miles (8:06 pace). Nothing exciting about this except that I finished watching Homeland […]

New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year!!! After a string of some wonderful days of running, I woke up on New Year’s Eve with a headache, congestion and general body aching that always indicates the start of something more serious. Stupidly, I forced myself through my first brick workout in months – 45 min on the trainer followed by […]

Bring On The Offseason

jess elizabeth

HUGE congrats to everyone who raced this weekend. From what I saw on twitter, there were a ton of PRs and amazing races!! So, in case you didn’t see on Instagram, I gave the marathon another shot this past weekend – I participated in the Rehoboth Beach Marathon. I alluded to the fact that I […]

The Dichotomy of Running


Why is it always that the things that make us the happiest also have the ability to make us the saddest? These past few weeks have been a perfect example of this. During my most private moments, I find myself wanting to cry over the disappointment from Philly. When I let my mind wander, it immediately […]

Philadelphia Marathon Race Recap

mile 13

So first some GREAT news! I was selected as one of the 20 Inspirational Runners in the US by Dailyburn! The people on this list are amazing runners and people and I’m incredibly honored to be put in the same category as them. ——————- These things are much easier and fun to write when it’s […]

2013 Philadelphia Marathon – Lesson in Not Quitting


First, I just want to give a HUGE congrats to Hallie, my “cadet” from the Saucony 26 strong team who is a marathoner!! Congratulations, Hallie!! =) This isn’t the post I had planned on writing. I ran a 3:23:02 yesterday – almost 90 seconds slower than my PR was not how the day was supposed to […]

Training for Finish Line not Finish Line Clock: Philadelphia Marathon Goals

race week

My target race, the Philadelphia Marathon, is just four days away. I’ve talked about the things I’m doing differently this training cycle. It has been the most enjoyable, exciting training cycle to date – and I think the primary reason is that I have eliminated the stress of going after a certain time. I often go into a […]

Can a Dream Be Too Big?

Best race ever.

I’ve always tried to be pretty open with my goals. Goal for Half Marathon this weekend? A PR. Goal for Philly Marathon in 5 weeks? Somewhere around 3:12-3:15. I’ve talked about races I want to do one day. I’ve discussed my “Everest“.  I’ve shared my Ironman journey. But, I’ve been keeping a secret. I’ve been hesitant […]

So You Want To Do An Ironman?


First, let me please preface this post by stating that I am by no means an expert at triathlons or Ironman competitions. Full disclosure: I’ve done ONE Ironman.{Hope to go for #2 next year!} But I’ve received a number of emails and comments asking various questions regarding choosing a race, training for one, time commitment […]

The Marathon Doesn’t Define Me

Mile 12 of 2013 NYC Half Marathon

For years after I ran a 3:21 marathon in the 2009 Boston Marathon, I was proud of my PR. I knew it wasn’t the fastest I could have run, but given the circumstances (training in Iraq and not doing a single run longer than 14 miles for 3 months prior to the race), I was […]

Treadmill + Clean House

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Happy Labor Day!! Hope you are all enjoying the nice, long weekend!! I try to stay on top of the cleaning on a regular basis. Kitchen counters and family room, kitchen and play room floors get cleaned/vacuumed on a daily basis.  Heavier cleaning happens on the weekend. But I’ve been slacking a bit on some […]

Ironman Lake Placid Goals + Woman Runs 366 Marathons in One Year


Although the big day is still 11 days away, I know that there will be little to no time to post here next week.  We are heading up to Lake Placid Wednesday evening until Monday afternoon. Those days will be filled with as much relaxation and family time as possible.  I am not even sure […]

NJ Marathon Race Recap

race start

First, thank you SO much for all of your encouraging and supportive words on my last post – I’ve reread them over the last few days numerous times and they’ve helped put me back on the right track.  Physically, I feel great.  My legs were a little sore on Monday (not even 1/2 as sore […]

Initial Thoughts on NJ Marathon (Failure)


So, yesterday’s marathon did not go as planned.  I didn’t hit my A, B, or C goals.  Instead, I got my first DNF (did not finish). Long story short (I’ll go into more detail in my next post).  I got charlie horse-like cramps just past mile 22 (my garmin said 22.5 but it was a […]

NYC Half Race Recap

post race

I am still smiling from the 2013 NYC Half.  I don’t think I have EVER run such a steady, smart, even-paced race in my life. It was a frigid morning.  Temps were hovering around 30 at race start, but with the windchill, it felt like about 20 degrees.  I wasn’t concerned with anything except my […]

Pre-NYC Half

race outfit

The NYC Half Race Recap will be up tomorrow but I’ll save the suspense…I PR’d by over 2 min!!! I didn’t get my sub-1:32 but I was darn close (1:32:23) and could NOT be happier with how the whole race went.  I don’t think the smile has left my face since I crossed the finish line. […]

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