My Three-Year Old’s FIRST Race!

Right before vacation, I shared the details of my oldest son’s first race – the local Father’s Day 5k! The funny thing is that I mentioned in the post (and telling loads others) that the perfect distance for the boys would be anywhere from a 1k to a 1 mile race but that we were hard pressed to find a race of that distance.

So you can understand my excitement when we found out about a 4th of July Kids Race while we were on vacation. It was only 5 minutes from my in-laws home in Willow, Alaska – and it was a 1K (~.6 miles). My youngest (will be 4 in September) was so disappointed that he was not able to run the Father’s Day 5k. My heart broke for him. He wants to do everything my oldest does – and 99% of the time blows me and my husband away because he is able to. But, I felt that a 5k for him was waaaay too long. I wanted his first race to be something manageable for him. So the 1K was perfect!

The boys were incredibly excited for the race – and to race with their cousins! We made a stop at Target two days before to get some patriotic shirts for them – and outfits for the girls!

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    My Son’s First 5k + Age and Distance for Kids?


    On Sunday, my five year old ran his first race – the Staten Island Father’s Day 5k. I honestly had no intention of him or me running this race. Just recently, he has shown an interest in running – and we’ve begun doing some short runs together here and there when he’s up for it or asks me. Most runs are anywhere from 1-2 miles with some short walk breaks in the middle.

    The Father’s Day 5k race has become one of my favorite local races. It’s as local as you can get. We live less than a block from the main road on Staten Island – and the race is an out and back on that main road with the start/finish being one block away from our house (inside an area called Mt. Loretto). It’s that close. It’s well organized, a fun, but challenging route and the logistics make it just too easy to pass up.

    I had casually asked him earlier in the week if he wanted to do the race with me but he said he wanted to next year when he was older. So I left it at that. I won’t push either of my boys into anything that they don’t 100% want to do.

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      Stroller Running Tips

      Stroller Running

      Note: This post originally was posted on Women’s Running. 

      After my first child was born, I was so excited to enter the ranks of the stroller running moms. I had visions of a smiling child and happy mom logging endless miles together. But the reality was oh-so-different. My oldest son was not a fan of the stroller (or really anything that impeded his movement) for the first 18 months of his life. He would last maybe 10-15 minutes before the crying began.

      It was a frustrating situation. I’m sure other running mamas have been in my position before. First you are annoyed with your child and their inability to sit still for more than 10 minutes. Then you question your parenting and worry you are doing something wrong. And then you wonder if maybe stroller running moms are an urban legend.

      They do exist and I can now say that I am mom of two little boys who not only tolerate, but LIKE, being in the stroller, and are content to stay more than 2-3 miles at a time.

      We sporadically ran over the summer, but it wasn’t consistent or much more than a few miles due to the warm temperatures. However, with fall approaching, I’m trying to incorporate a lot more stroller running into my training. I’ve gone on five runs with my little guys in the last ten days – ranging from 3 ½ to 10 miles. They sat for the 80+ minute 10-miler with no complaining nor with me having to stop once.

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        Treadmill Running with Little Ones


        As I’ve talked about a few times, I am not the biggest fan of the cold weather (by cold, I mean <25 degrees) nor running in the pitch black at 5am. So I tend to rely on the treadmill a lot during the winter months. Since we have one in our basement, I also tend to sleep in more since I have the luxury of running during the day while I am home with the boys.  On average, I’d say that 2-3 runs/week have been happening during the day and the other runs occur earlier in the morning before my husband goes to work.

        Truth is, my youngest is still a bit too young to have around while I run. We don’t have anything blocking the front of the treadmill and I am too worried he will just wander over mid-run.  Actually, yesterday was the first time I attempted to run when both boys were awake. It took an episode of Sesame Street to keep my youngest sitting on the couch and away from me, but it worked and I manged to run a few miles. But normally, I only run while he is napping and since the boys’ naps are almost never concurrent these days, my oldest keeps me company down the basement.

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          Halloween + Longest Long Run


          Well, friends…we are officially in peak week! AGH! I feel like the last few weeks have completely flown by. And let’s not even begin to discuss that the big day is now less than three weeks away.

          This past weekend was my longest long run of the training cycle. My coach wanted me to run for 3:05. No set pace or distance. I was supposed to “just run” for 185 minutes. The purpose was to get some time on my feet. All of my long runs up until this weekend have been 16-18 milers (+ one 20) and have maxed out at 2:30. Since I’m going after a specific time and I need to run strong from start to finish, it was important to do a really long run.

          Despite knowing I was going to be running for over 3 hours, I wasn’t nervous at all (a change for me for a long run!) and somewhat excited about the run. It was really great not having to worry about anything except moving – no marathon goal pace miles, no fast finish.

          My plan was to look at my garmin as little as possible and run on how I was feeling. I wanted to be comfortable the whole run.

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            Saucony Ride 6 (Toddler/Baby) Review

            With the exception of my sons’ first few pairs of walking shoes, I don’t think I have paid more than $20 on a pair of shoes for them.  I do most of their shoe shopping at discounted stores (TJ Maxx, Target, zullily) and moderately priced stores during sales and when I have coupons (Gap).  I just cannot justify spending $$ on shoes that that they will wear for only a few months.

            However, their walking shoes were a different story. When both boys started walking, I was very intent on getting them good, supportive walking shoes.  Stride Rite was the store that was recommended to me by my mom and sister.

            Whether they’re running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care. We understand the significance of every step. Our entire collection, every single shoe, is created from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow. stride rite studies have led to important breakthroughs and new technologies in children’s footwear. Every new material and component is rigorously tested. And with 30 to 40 tests per shoe to ensure proper fit and durability, you can trust that nobody knows more about growing feet than stride rite. -Stride rite website

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              Running Book for Kids: Pellie Runs a Marathon

              Pellie Runs A Marathon

              My husband bought me the cutest kids book a few months after our oldest son was born in 2011 – Pellie Runs a Marathon (by Michele Bredice Craemer):

              One of the things I am MOST grateful to my parents is my exposure to sports from a young age.  They didn’t force a sport on my sisters and I.  Instead, we were given and shown a wide range of sports from when we were first old enough to understand them.  Basketball, softball, football, running, golf, bowling, soccer, dancing…We played/did them all.  Basketball was my first love and lasted until sophomore year of college.  It wasn’t until that point – and then even more-so during my time in the military and deployments – that my love for running began.

              My husband and I are not going to push running, or any other sport for that matter, onto either of our boys.  But, just as both our parents did with us, we’ve already begun introducing a handful of sports to our oldest whether through activity outside with his bat and ball, watching football on the couch with daddy, or reading a book about marathons.

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