My First 80+ Mile Week + Fitness Magazine News!


I started writing this post earlier in the week but between another stint of single parenting, Easter preparations and a few nights of poor sleep for the boys (which = me), I just didn’t have the time or energy to finish it. Peak Week has come and gone. It wasn’t a typical week since my […]

What is Glycogen Depletion Training?

gen ucan

After I mentioned that I did not fuel or drink water during the 20 miler last weekend, I got a few questions about the reasoning behind it, so I wanted to share my thoughts (and in more than a sentence or two on IG or twitter). Let me preface this post with a few things. […]

Weekend Happenings and Training Catch Up

aj and ryan4

Happy Monday!! I started off this morning with a 20+ mile run. Truth be told, I had initially planned on getting this run in yesterday but after a jam packed, fun and exhausting weekend, I made the decision to postpone it one day. I felt that it was better to get more sleep and recover […]

Update on Training -> Be Smarter Than Me


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that I briefly mentioned I was having knee pain the last few weeks. But I haven’t gone into detail…so here it it is: About three weeks ago, I began feeling something in my left knee. It wasn’t painful – just kind of a […]

Keeping The Dream Alive

photo (31)

So first, I want to give a special CONGRATS to one of the runners I coach – Joe D (from Staten Island) who ran a 6+ minute PR at the Fred Lebow Half Marathon this past weekend! Despite super frigid temperatures and a tough course (two+ loops of Central Park including Harlem Hill), he ran […]

Miles for Meg + The Beauty of Flexibility

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Another week of training for the LA Marathon is complete. It was a good week of running and I was able to get in all my planned runs while also hitting my highest mileage (of this training cycle) – 64! Monday: 10 treadmill miles (8:06 pace). Nothing exciting about this except that I finished watching Homeland […]

The Winter Funk + LA Marathon

dining room

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/holiday weekend with your family and loved ones. We had a fantastic celebration at our home on Christmas Eve with my sisters, their families and my parents. The week leading up to Christmas was pure chaos. Between last minute Christmas shopping, taking the boys to see Santa (AJ was […]

Halloween + Longest Long Run


Well, friends…we are officially in peak week! AGH! I feel like the last few weeks have completely flown by. And let’s not even begin to discuss that the big day is now less than three weeks away. This past weekend was my longest long run of the training cycle. My coach wanted me to run for […]

Birthday Celebration + 24 days to go!


Hey everyone! I’m still here! I know I have barely written anything lately…life has been crazy the last few weeks and blogging is one of the first things I sacrifice when I am short on time. But crazy = good so I am not complaining. I have a bunch of exciting things going on with […]

Weekend Highlights + 20 Mile Success


This past weekend was amazing! Thank you for all of your words of support and good luck wishes for my husband! He is officially a half-Ironman! =)  Below are some of the highlights from our weekend: - Crossing Finish Line with our youngest. I can’t stop smiling at this picture. This is the first finish line the […]

BIG Weekend + Training Catchup


Guess what’s happening this weekend!?! It’s my husband’s first Half-Ironman!!! I think I’m more excited and nervous than he is!! I finally am getting to experience what it feels like to be on the other side. I am so proud of my husband for putting in all the training the last few months for this […]

1st Birthday + 8 weeks to go


My youngest son turned one last week. Hard to believe that it’s been that long already, right? I feel like it was just yesterday that he came into this world. It’s been a fun year (sometimes crazy at times!) with a 2nd child and I could not have asked for a sweeter, happier little guy. My boys […]

Why Do You Run? + 17 miler Success

outside fun

One of the questions I get asked most by non-runners is Why do you run? followed by What do you think about while you run? I’ve always gone into a long explanation about how running makes me happy, challenges me, gives me some “me” time.  These are all true. But I never have felt like it’s the complete reason. […]

Race Envy + 50 mile week


I am pretty excited to share this article with you.  A reporter from the Staten Island Advance contacted me shortly after the Ironman for a quick recap of my race (time, event, etc).  After a short discussion, he reached out again for a more in-depth interview and ended up writing the below story which was […]

Single Parenting


I have so much respect for single moms and dads.  I function fine with the boys during the day but I start counting down the minutes until my husband walks in the door after he finishes work.  Kind of unfair to him because he just returned from a full day of work too.  But, even […]

Whirlwind Weekend on the West Coast + 100 marathons by age 28


Just wanted to drop in and say hello! It’s been over a week since I last came on here to blog.  I had such great intentions while I was on vacation – I even brought the computer with me…I always seem to think that I will have all this free time and that I will […]

First 10-hour Weekend


I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see a Monday.  Monday is / has been my rest day – often after a weekend of racing or long training.  This weekend was a pretty big one for me – I set distance PRs in the pool and on the bike and hit the […]

Ironman Lake Placid (T – 10)


Hi there! Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend filled with lots of food, family/friends and fun!  The first part of my weekend was filled with lots of training but thankfully yesterday was a full rest day – something my body AND mind needed desperately. Monday Double Stroller Run: 43 min / […]

Ironman Lake Placid (T – 11)


After an awesome week of training the previous week,  I was really excited to start T-11.  However, the week didn’t go as planned.   My older sister went into labor Monday evening and my sisters, mom, niece and I spent most of the night either awake at my mom’s  (waiting while she went to the […]

#BostonStrongSI + Taper Begins


The #BostonStrong runs are being held tonight.  After I wrote about the one being organized in NYC, I made the decision to organize one in my hometown: The FB event page is located here.  We have over 100 people running or walking in support of Boston tonight.  PowerBar is sponsoring us so there will be gels, […]

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