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This past weekend was my son’s Baptism. It was a perfect day –  wonderful ceremony, good food, and our family and neighbors to share the day with us.  I’m extremely sentimental and wanted my boys to wear the same christening outfit – just like my sisters and I did when we were all baptized. We had a small party at our home afterwards catered from a yummy place on Staten Island.

All dressed up for a change!

I love little boy clothes:

My mom and sisters:


This is one of my favorite mantras to say to myself during a tough run:

I have many moments of doubt and even more moments of wanting to just quit when I’m doing during tempo and speed workouts.

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    Long Run Mental Toughness


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    Since I haven’t blogged since this post, I figured I’d share my workouts from last week with you.

    Monday: 30 min bike (9.3 mi) + 5.5 mi speed workout.

    • 1/2 mile warm-up
    • 2 miles: 12:28
    • 2 x 1 mile: 6:07, 5:59 (1st sub-6 mile post-baby!)
    • 1/2 mile cool-down

    Tuesday: 900 yd swim + 60 min bike (17.85 mi)

    Wednesday: 900 yd swim + 5 mi tempo run. Swim went great – swam back-to-back days and arms felt totally fine.  Run: warmed up for the first mile (7:30 – started at 8:15 pace and was down to 6:30 for the last minute), stopped the treadmill, stretched one last time, caught my breath and began the workout.  My goal was 6:30 4 miles (No starting slow and speeding up). My legs were exhausted from back-to-back cycling and swim days but didn’t quit despite wanting to about 4010839302 times.

    Thursday: 3 mile recovery run (7:50 pace).  Tested out the new Saucony Virrata shoes – initial impression is that I really like them…but I want to wear them a few more times before I do a review on them.

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