The Meaning of Mezamashii Running


Even though I never fully recapped my week in Atlanta and working with Mizuno (I promise to do it next week), I wanted to share the final video with you!! Could not be happier with how it turned out AND that both my little boys made cameo appearances =)

Huge thank you to the wonderful people at Mizuno and McKinney for a wonderful experience!

While you are there, make sure you check out a few other Mizuno videos including this one from Dendoshi with a couple of appearances by one of my favorite ladies, Skinny Runner (PS. Did you know she just ran her 50th marathon?? AMAZING).

    Happy National Running Day: Deals, Giveaways and Events

    national donut day

    Happy National Running Day!! I am not sure who started this “National” holiday, but every year, it seems more and more companies are jumping on board to help celebrate the fun day.  It also helps that it’s only TWO days before National Donut Day (which is Friday!) – I don’t think this is a coincidence! HA =)

    Below are some of the awesome deals, giveaways, and events going on today!!  Do you know any other ones that are worth mentioning? Please share if you do =)


    Tweet or post a photo showing your running story to Instagram with #IMARUNNER to enter to win 1 of 60 Timex Ironman Watches.  You can also enter by submitting a photo or story directly on the Timex Sports Facebook page “#IMARUNNER Tab”.  Winners will be selected at random and official rules are located here:

    Additionally, for every photo submitted, Timex will donate $5, up to $15,000, toward One Fund Boston which helps those individuals most affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013.

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      NJ Marathon Info!

      race pacing

      Hey everyone!! I have SO much to share with you regarding my week in Atlanta with Mizuno.

      We are on our way home after a fun, exciting week but my mind is focused on one thing – the NJ Marathon on Sunday.  After months and months of planning, training, and imagining this race, it is finally here!

      First, the race details.

      • Date: Sunday, May 5th
      • Start time: 8am
      • Route:  It’s a mix between out and back and a loop.  The race starts by Monmouth Race track, heads north for a bit, over to the coastline by mile 10, then south for 8 miles with the turnaround just after mile 18 and heads back north for the final 8 miles.  

      • Elevation: Virtually pancake flat (after my last few races have been in Central Park, this makes me VERY happy!)

      The weather forecast looks almost too good to be true.  I’m still not celebrating because I know it can still change.  But right now, race day weather looks to be cool (~45-50 at race start), calm, and sunny.  One of my biggest worries leading up to this race has been the wind.  Before moving last summer, we had lived less than a mile from the SI boardwalk, so almost all of my runs would take place right on the coastline.  Most early mornings were calm, but the wind would often pick up (>15-20 mph winds) by mid-morning.  So far, race morning looks like it will have very little wind (~ 5 mph winds).

      For everyone that has asked…if you want to track me, here is the link to sign up to receive alerts (you can get text, email, twitter updates).  My bib is #1023 in case you need it. There’s a part of me that is excited to know that all of my friends will be able to track me on Sunday, but a large part of me is starting to freak out about it. HA. 

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        BIG News, More Races and Last Speed Workout


        I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had some exciting news to share with you all…On Monday, my husband, both boys, and I will be heading down to Atlanta, GA, to spend the week working with Mizuno!!! A short time ago, I was contacted by Mizuno’s PR agency to see if I was interested in participating in their upcoming ad campaign.

        Hello?  Is this real life?!?!  There was ZERO hesitation.  I started wearing Mizunos in mid-2007 when I was training for the Army 10-miler (when I was a member of the Ft Hood Army-10 miler team).  Mizunos were on my feet for that race, for every single run during my last deployment, for my first Boston Marathon (and current marathon PR), for my pregnancy running, and many brilliant moments in between.

        We fly out Monday, film for the better part of the week, and will be flying home Friday.  I am SO incredibly excited, humbled, and honored to have been asked by Mizuno to participate in their campaign.  I will share what I can via twitter and Instagram (and maybe a blog post) during my adventure next week.

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          What I’m Loving


          Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Hope you all indulge in a little chocolate / sweet treats today =)

          Workout yesterday: 700 yd swim (following the 0to1650 plan) + 5 mile progression run on gym’s treadmill.  My arms felt tired from the first stroke in the pool yesterday…I have one more pool workout on Friday and then off until Monday (yay!).  The progression run was totally unplanned – intention was 4-5 miles at an easy pace but everything felt too good to go slow.  Ordinarily, I would have followed the training plan, but since I haven’t done any long or hard runs this week, I decided a few miles at a good pace wasn’t the worst thing in the world.


          • Mile 1: 8:20
          • Mile 2: 7:44
          • Mile 3: 7:16
          • Mile 4: 6:56
          • Mile 5: 6:28

          I didn’t get up early this AM to run.  The last few days of swimming coupled with my youngest son’s recent sleeping habits (he has reverted to waking up 2-4x / night to nurse) made for one tired mama this morning.  But I got the BEST present from both boys today.  Little guy woke up only once (3am) to nurse and both boys slept til almost 630am!

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            Race for Recovery 5k/10k

            Tunnel to Towers Foundation

            After watching my Facebook page fill with status updates and photos of my fellow Staten Islanders as well as friends in NYC helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy last week, I knew that I needed to find a way to help.  Logistically, it’s difficult for me to physically help – having an (almost) 2 year old and 7 week old (who doesn’t yet take the bottle) force me to stay home most of the time.

            This past weekend, I had the idea of starting a virtual race.  I emailed a bunch of running gear companies that I have had contact with in the past (and some I haven’t) as well as several friends who pulled some strings for me and several friends who have their own businesses.  The response has been overwhelming.  As of this morning, there are 40 prizes that can be won – worth over $2,500.

            All updates will be posted to this page.

            **NEW** For whoever donates (and/or collects on their own to donate here) the most amount of money, Runner’s World will award you with a Fantasy Day.  Details are below! 

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              Running Mom Inspiration + Mizuno Shoe Giveaway WINNER!


              First, I just want to say thank you so much for everyone’s supportive and encouraging comments, tweets, and messages regarding yesterday’s post.  It was really great to hear about all of your experiences dealing with similar frustrations with returning to running (especially those returning postpartum).

              I’ve heard so many stories about females becoming faster after giving birth.  I didn’t get a chance to experience the full extent of this as I had just started PRing again (my son was 11 months old) when I found out that we were expecting child #2!

              But there are a lot of females that get considerably faster post-baby.  One great example is Jen from The Local Elite.  I recently discovered her and her blog (and love both!!)!!  She is insanely fast and hopes to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Check out her pre-pregnancy and post-baby PRs – they give me so much hope!!

              • 5k Road: 16:40 (pre-pregnancy 18:20)
              • Half Marathon: 1:18:05 (pre-pregnancy 1:25)
              • Marathon 2:51 (pre-pregnancy 3:14)
              PS. Jen just ran the Columbus Half-Marathon (as a training run – not an all out race) and finished in 1:21:09 (which is a 6:15 pace).  She finished 50th out of almost 10,000 runners and was the 8th female to cross the finish line.  Amazing (especially since it was just a training run for her!).  Congrats, Jen!


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                Mizuno Shoe Giveaway!


                Big Smile = )

                Happy Monday, friends!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I enjoyed an 8 mile run (longest run post baby to date!) and lots of Ironman Kona watching on Saturday followed by a relaxing rest day on Sunday.

                I was SO tempted to run more than 8 miles.  The perfect running weather, my feeling stronger with each run, and the excitement of fall marathon season all make me itch to run long…but I know that slowly building my mileage up is the smartest thing for me and my body right now.  My motto these days is: Rome wasn’t built in a day.


                **My one year blog anniversary was a few weeks ago…to celebrate NYC Running Mama’s existence, I will be having a series of giveaways on here over the next few weeks – some of my favorite running (and baby!) gear/products.  So make sure you check back often for your chance to enter and win!!**


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                  Mizuno Running Shoes Giveaway WINNER!


                  Hey friends – I apologize for not posting this earlier!!

                  Thank you to everyone who participated.   I loved reading about all of the brilliant runs that you have experienced!

                  The winner is Megan D!  Megan – please email me at ASAP so we can get you into the Mezamashii Project!!  If you do not contact me by Sunday, June 24, a follow-up winner will be selected.

                  For more information on the Mezamashii Run Project, click here.

                  Don’t forget to Follow NYC Running Mama on:
                  Twitter: @nycrunningmama
                  Facebook: NYCRunningMama
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                    The Mezamashii Project + Giveaway for Mizuno Running Shoes


                    Mizuno has launched a campaign called the Mezamashii Project:

                    This is an excerpt from the invitation I received in the mail:


                    You have been chosen as a founding member of the Mezamashii Project. 

                    In Japanese the word Mezamashii means brilliant

                    We are on a quest to deliver more mezamashii – more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your-heart running.  More brilliant running. 

                    So instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes, we’re putting our money where your feet are – by giving you a free pair. 

                    To learn more about the Mezamashii Project, click here.

                    Every temple has its steeples. 

                    I’ve been a loyal customer of Mizuno shoes since I was first fitted for a pair in May 2007.  I had just made the Fort Hood Army Ten-Miler Team and wanted to ensure that I was wearing the “right” running shoe.  I’d say 98-99% of my miles since then have been run in Mizuno Wave Alchemy’s.  I’ve had no injuries or issues so wasn’t able to justify trying a different pair of running shoe.

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