Tips for Your 1st Triathlon

First, let me preface this by saying that I am by no means an expert at triathlons or triathlon-racing.  With a measly ONE Olympic-distance triathlon under my belt, I am still very much a novice.  But, there was SO much that I learned in just that one triathlon that I wish I could have been prepared for or done differently on race day and I hope that my insight, however basic it may be, may help someone else.

Some of these may seem like common sense to you, but my mind was on a million things in the weeks leading up to this race (plus it is not my target triathlon this season), so I didn’t fully prepare the way I should have.

Please (!!) if you are a seasoned triathlete, weigh in here and add your two cents – especially if I say something that you feel is inaccurate.

WetsuitI’ve practiced taking my wetsuit off twice.  Each time was fairly easy so I had the mentality of “How hard could this be on race day?”.  Well, I was wrong.  I hadn’t practiced it when the wetsuit was wet. Nor when my arms were slightly fatigued.  Nor when I was out of breath from running from the water to T1.   Recommendation: Wear your wetsuit in the shower, do some jumping jacks and take it off.  It will get you used to how it will feel on race day. Also, use some sort of lubricant on your wrists/ankles so it is easier to slide off (Amanda, an Ironman, recommends Pam cooking spray)

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    Race Report: Rev3 Quassy Olympic (My 1st Triathlon)


    Saturday morning was the Rev3 Quassy Olympic Triathlon – the first of 2 tris put on by Rev3 this weekend in Middlebury, CT (the 70.3 was held Sunday AM).  As most of you know, this was my first triathlon – and I’m happy that I can finally call myself a triathlete =)

    Below is the (lengthy) race recap from the race.  Instead of hearing me go on about one sport, you now get to hear me go over three (plus transitions) – Lucky you! HA. I am going to do another post this week on things I learned / tips to help any other first time triathletes out there!

    This certainly wasn’t a speedy race for me nor was it executed exactly how I wanted…but the most important thing is that I got some experience under my belt – transitioning, swimming in open water, and practicing a ride and run on a very hilly course. (Quassy is touted as one of the toughest triathlon courses in the country.)  Based on how things played out, there are about 10 things I would have done differently on race day that likely would have helped take at least 10 minutes off my time.

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