Scotland 10k Race Recap

Race outfit

I got up early Saturday AM (5am) and did my usual pre-race routine: Drank my coffee, nursed the little guy who had just woken up (and decided not to go back to sleep), ate a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter, drank some Nuun, packed my bag and was out of the house by 6:30am.  

I picked up my friend, Leticia (and her friend), and we made our way to the UWS.  After leaving the car in a garage by my sister’s building, I ran to the park and continued doing short out and backs from the start corrals as part of my 2-mile warmup.

I got into the start corrals by 7:45 (the race started at 8am) and tried to stay loose and warm. Despite beautiful weather this week, it was a chilly morning in NYC – with the windchill, it felt like it was in the upper 20s.  My race outfit changed about 10x during the previous 24 hours.  I went with Nike shorts, PRO Compression Socks, Saucony Guide 6s, Lululemon tank, Saucony long-sleeved shirt, and Saucony gloves.  {this is post-race but the only clothes picture I have!}

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    PRO Compression Giveaway WINNER!

    st patty's day2

    I apologize for not posting this earlier!! With the craziness of race week, I completely forgot!

    The winner of the PRO Compression is: Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners!!  Congratulations, Lauren!  Please email me at!

    Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for another running gear giveaway (hopefully next week)!!

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      PRO Compression GIVEAWAY!

      st patty's day2

      As I discussed yesterday, I am LOVING PRO Compression socks lately (and as evidenced by my IG feed).  They have been my go-to recovery method post-long and speed days and have helped me build up my mileage and intensity during my marathon and Ironman training.

      On top of the functionality of the socks, they are fun to wear – there are some awesome colors and patterns available.

      Bright solids:

      Fun Argyles:

      And AWESOME holiday themed socks.  These are the socks they currently have available for St. Patrick’s Day:

      Make sure you subscribe (bottom of the page) to their email list to ensure you get updates with specials and new socks.

      AND, if you missed it yesterday, check out this amazing giveaway PRO Compression is holding on their website – including Marathon Socks (2 pair), Marathon Calf Sleeves (2 pair), an iPod Nano (1 item), and an iPad Mini (1 item) – so six total prizes up for grabs!!  For more information on how to enter their giveaway (and official rules and regulations, click here)

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        What I’m Loving


        Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Hope you all indulge in a little chocolate / sweet treats today =)

        Workout yesterday: 700 yd swim (following the 0to1650 plan) + 5 mile progression run on gym’s treadmill.  My arms felt tired from the first stroke in the pool yesterday…I have one more pool workout on Friday and then off until Monday (yay!).  The progression run was totally unplanned – intention was 4-5 miles at an easy pace but everything felt too good to go slow.  Ordinarily, I would have followed the training plan, but since I haven’t done any long or hard runs this week, I decided a few miles at a good pace wasn’t the worst thing in the world.


        • Mile 1: 8:20
        • Mile 2: 7:44
        • Mile 3: 7:16
        • Mile 4: 6:56
        • Mile 5: 6:28

        I didn’t get up early this AM to run.  The last few days of swimming coupled with my youngest son’s recent sleeping habits (he has reverted to waking up 2-4x / night to nurse) made for one tired mama this morning.  But I got the BEST present from both boys today.  Little guy woke up only once (3am) to nurse and both boys slept til almost 630am!

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