Behind the Scenes


I received a phone call from one of my good friends at NYRR – she was someone I had met during the Foot Locker 5 Borough Challenge journey and have remained in close contact with her.  She wanted to know if I would be interested in being filmed for an On the Run episode – an online series created/produced by NYRR.  With the NYC Half being the first race run on the streets of NYC since Superstorm Sandy, NYRR was putting together some segments on those running the race who were affected by the storm.  She was aware that I had organized the Race for Recovery, she thought I would be a good fit. A couple of days after that initial conversation, I was told that WABC had learned of my story and were interested in airing the segment on their channel during the NYC Half coverage on Sunday.  My piece is scheduled to air at 7:16am on Sunday, March 17 on WABC.  (More information can be found here.)  As soon as I find out the link on the NYRR website and/or the WABC site, I will share it! read more

Race for Recovery – the numbers

Becky in front of a damaged home on Staten Island

I decided to break the Race for Recovery down by the numbers – I’ve seen this method used several times recently in blog posts and really love the style! Don’t forget to check out photos of all the runners who participated! I just want to say THANK YOU one last time to everyone who supported this virtual race – the generous companies that donated, the companies who helped promote the race, and all of the runners who donated and raced.  I’m still amazed at how much money was raised and how many giving people participated!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! 10,895 – dollars raised 2,627 – dollar value of prizes  1,350 – dollars raised by grand prize winner Chris M 725.4 – miles run  357 – people donated 272 – runners participated 157 – results entered – FULL list of participant finish times can be found here -> Race Results 112 – runners completed 5k 88 – pictures of participants – the FULL album can be found here -> read more

Race for Recovery Results

If you missed yesterday’s post about the Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners, you can find it here. There were 112 participants (who submitted times) for the 5k, 61 for the 10k, and 16 who completed both!! Below are the results for each – as well as twitter links (if applicable).  Congratulations to ALL of participants! =) 5k Results Place First Last Time 1 Lorenzo H 15:33 2 Bradley R 17:05 3 Steve L 18:28 4 Christopher S 19:27 5 Matt V 21:40 6 Jamie K 21:42 7 Lisa M 21:47 8 Kristin B 21:57 9 Ashley K 22:21 10 Andy C 22:25 11 Alison W 22:32 12 Kelly C 23:30 13 Marc C 23:30 14 Tiffany B 23:44 15 Mary M 24:11 16 Justine L 24:30 17 Pamela P 24:30 18 Siobhan M 25:00 19 Amanda B 25:10 20 Elizabeth P 25:21 21 Jennifer P 25:29 22 Adam B 25:34 23 Stacey B 25:42 24 Melissa B 26:09 25 Hyedi N 26:22 26 Christina M 26:39 27 Christine Y 26:42 28 Peter B 26:47 29 Ron V 26:57 30 Ashley B 26:59 31 Kate M 27:03 32 REBECCA K 27:10 33 Samantha S 27:29 34 Maureen C 27:35 35 Kim Continue Reading →

Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners


The Race for Recovery raised $10,795!!  Thank you to everyone who donated, ran, and/or helped spread the word of this event!! My phone was buzzing NONSTOP on Saturday with tweets, emails, Instagram notifications, and FB posts containing results and pictures.  There were countless times when I just looked at my husband, showed him my phone, and started to tear up.  I truly felt that the running community was 100% united on Saturday – there may have been differing opinions regarding the cancellation of the NYC Marathon, but there were literally hundreds of people across the United States world running in support of those affected by Sandy. I started this race with a lofty goal of $2,500 and we ended up raising over FOUR times that amount.  I have never been prouder to call myself a runner. I will be doing a post on the race results tomorrow (race results are still being submitted) and then a post with pictures (and facts/numbers about the participants) on Wednesday so please check back to check them out.  (You can still enter times and/or email me pictures if you haven’t done so yet) read more

Race For Recovery 5k/10k Virtual Run Update


HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, supported, and helped spread word about the Race for Recovery.  There are over 225 people who will be running – and even more importantly – we’ve raised almost $9,000. I’m so thankful and amazed with the amount of support that I have received in spreading the word about this race.  In the process, a few things were checked off my bucket list!! =) Men’s Health: highlighted the Race for Recovery as one of the TOP TEN winter races in America!!! Runner’s World: Posted the race info on their Facebook page (and caused my website to subsequently crash because of the unprecedented high traffic that ensued -> there are much worse things in life!) The Staten Island Advance: Article (print and online) about the Race for Recovery on Dec 5, 2012 Women’s Running Magazine: Talked about the Race for Recovery on their blog on Nov 13, 2012. Fitness Magazine: Mentioned the race in their Holiday Fit Links:  FitFluential: Included information on their blog and monthly newsletter: read more

Remembering How to Run Uncomfortably

First real "race" postpartum

I am slowly starting to feel more and more like myself when I run.  I’m not at my pre-pregnancy shape or pace (and don’t expect to be there for some time), but I feel stronger each day I run. Since my son was born (almost 2 months ago!!!), I have tried to take it one day at a time and not push myself too much physically.  Although I started running almost immediately, I didn’t want to overdo it with mileage or speed.  Over the last 7+ weeks I have focused on: Very slowly increasing my long runs (up to 12 miles) Decreasing my pace on my easy runs Decreasing days off in between run days (I’m back to running 5-6 days/week) I occasionally would pick up the pace for a mile or so but decided to hold off on doing any sort of speedwork until I felt I ready.  I made the decision this past weekend that I was ready – partially because I feel great running, partially because I’m back to getting a good night’s sleep (Ryan sleeps 6-8 hours at a stretch now) and partially because I have my first “race” on the calendar for this year. I didn’t Continue Reading →

Gone For a Run Winner + Upcoming Giveaways

Race For Recovery

I apologize for not announcing the winner of the Gone for a Run giveaway sooner!  The last few weeks have been a bit hectic. The randomly selected winner is: Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy! Please email me at You have one week to contact me to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is chosen. ———————————————————– As promised there will be a handful of giveaways in the upcoming few weeks including: PowerBar (2 winners):  boxes of various bars – valued over $100 per winner Mustela (1 winner): gift pack – valued at $100 Additionally, I’m going to begin the PR Spotlight series that I had discussed in the spring.  Looking forward to highlight Jess from Pace of Me next week! ———————————————————- Don’t forget to sign up for the RACE FOR RECOVERY 5k/10k!   We have over 125 runners from across the country participating already (and have raised almost $5,000). read more