PRO Compression Giveaway!

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I find that the more miles I run, the better I need to be with recovery. My recovery regimen after workouts or long runs has really improved over the last year. I used to be awful about recovery - I would finish a run, shower and then go about my day. These days, I try to […]

Back on My Feet in24 Philadelphia Entry Giveaway


I figured most of you don’t want to read about my first week of recovery post-marathon (lots of eating, laziness and cuddling with the boys…and then handful of runs I have done have been easy-paced and short). And so instead of boring you with those details, I am working on having a bunch of giveaways […]

Vitamix S30 Review and Giveaway


Over the holidays, our blender broke (totally my fault since I put the glass container within reach of the boys). My husband and I used the blender on a fairly regular basis to make smoothies and shakes and were looking for a good sale on a new one. About the same time, I was asked if I […]

Thera-Gesic Review + Giveaway

there gesic

I rolled my ankle a few weeks ago during one of my AM runs as I discussed briefly here.  My ankle was slightly swollen but I had no pain walking the next day, so it seemed to be more of a light roll then a sprain – or something worse. But there was still a bit […]

RnR Philly Half Race Recap + Review

Me + My godson + his parents + sister + godfather

Sunday was an absolutely wonderful day for two big reasons. I PR’d the half…but more importantly was what happened AFTER the race: My adorable, huggable godson’s Christening Day! After crossing the finish line at 9:32, I chatted for a few minutes with Mike, a runner who I managed to hang with through mile 9 (I […]

Saucony Ride 6 (Toddler/Baby) Review

stride rite

With the exception of my sons’ first few pairs of walking shoes, I don’t think I have paid more than $20 on a pair of shoes for them.  I do most of their shoe shopping at discounted stores (TJ Maxx, Target, zullily) and moderately priced stores during sales and when I have coupons (Gap).  I just […]

BOB Strollers Review + Stroller Running Q&A

Bob stroller

Please take a moment to vote for me to be on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine – would mean so much to me! =) Thank you! Are you on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Let’s connect!  ————– When I lived in NYC and had the opportunity to run in Central Park every day, I saw tons of mothers pushing […]

Sparkly Soul Giveaway

You can never have too much sparkle =)

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  As a little girl, there was something so magical about it.  It signaled the start of summer break (school ends the last week in June in NYC), the air would smell of charcoal from the BBQs and the day would be spent in […]

Garmin Forerunner 10 Winner


Good Morning! The winner of the Garmin Forerunner 10 Giveaway is Gabrielle Mareaviva: You have one week to email to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is selected! Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  Check back next week for another review/giveaway =) Also, check out the new colors that Garmin […]

Garmin Forerunner 10 Review + GIVEAWAY


I am a Garmin lover.  I purchased my first Garmin in 2002 when I ran my first marathon.  I have no idea what model it was – all I remember is that it was huge and covered half of my wrist!  My second was a Christmas gift from my sisters before I deployed to Iraq […]

Saucony Virrata Review


Over the years, I have dabbled with zero-drop shoes on more occasions than I can remember.  I SO wanted to wear a lightweight, more natural shoe.  But each time I have had to sadly return to my previous training shoe because my foot felt too naked, too unsupported for anything more than a mile or two. They just […]

PRO Compression GIVEAWAY!

st patty's day2

As I discussed yesterday, I am LOVING PRO Compression socks lately (and as evidenced by my IG feed).  They have been my go-to recovery method post-long and speed days and have helped me build up my mileage and intensity during my marathon and Ironman training. On top of the functionality of the socks, they are […]

PRO Compression Socks Review

pro compression2

Monday’s Workout: 6 easy miles at 7:33 pace.  A bit faster than I was anticipating, especially coming off Sunday’s 10k steady state run, but my legs felt fresh and loose so I just went with it. The run actually turned into a perfect progression run – with miles 3-5 at/just under 7:15 pace.  They felt […]

Ava & Liam Motivational Sign Giveaway

The will..

Happy Tuesday!!  I am BEYOND excited to share this giveaway with you today! I am a visual person.  Seeing things – words, numbers, whatever – helps me focus and stay on track.  Which is why I LOVE these motivational signs created by Ava & Liam. Ava & Liam is a small business that makes gifts and home […]

Mustela Review + Giveaway


Mustela is the #1 Baby Care and Stretch Marks Brand in Europe and just began selling their line of products, including the 9 Months and Bebe lines, in Duane Reade stores across the United States.  Mustela focuses on selecting only the most natural ingredients to use in their products – any questionable ones such as parabens, […]

Gone For A Run: Running Medal Hanger Review + Giveaway

Gone For A Run

Despite moving into our house over four months ago, my husband and I just recently started to focus our attention on decluttering and setting up our basement.  We now have a quasi home-gym in one section (with a TV, treadmill, trainers, and a few other pieces of workout gear).  This is realistically going to be where […]

Race Recap / Review: Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival Weekend 10k

Runner's World Half & Festival

The Runner’s World 10k was my first “race” post-baby.  I wasn’t completely racing it as I am still trying to be patient with my return and not over-exert my body before it’s ready…but I certainly pushed myself harder than I have in 10 months! Although the course description and profile didn’t sound or look too hilly, it […]

Mother’s Day Traditions / Review + Giveaway of Erica Sara Designs

So beautiful!!

My family celebrates EVERY holiday, birthday, and special occasion by gathering at a family member’s home (usually my mom’s!) to enjoy a home-cooked meal and family time.  Four years ago, my older sister was celebrating her first Mother’s Day (my other two sisters and I did not have children at the time).  The decision of […]

Sparkly Soul Headbands Giveaway Winner!

sparkly soul

The Winner of the SPARKLY SOUL INC Headbands giveaway is…. Entry #138 (earliest entry is #1, last entry is #174) The winner has one week to contact me and claim their prize before a backup winner is selected!  Please email me at Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word about […]

Sparkly Soul Headbands Review + Giveaway! ————————-CLOSED——————————


Hey Everyone! I decided to do a 2nd review of Sparkly Soul Headbands…BUT, I wanted to try doing a video this time =)   Check out what I had to say about Sparkly Soul Headbands: Read my previous review. I mentioned that I had a huge pile of headbands that never measured up to my expectations […]

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