Perspective on Pregnant Running

Beach fun!

I’m always asked if I notice any difference between my two pregnancies.  Physically, I’d say not at all.  I’m carrying almost the same (weight gain, how I look, the size of the babies)…But it’s hard to compare other aspects because the circumstances are so different – especially when it comes to running.  I was fortunate […]

Happy Bump Day (37 weeks)!!


Today marks the start of my 37th week…one more week until I’m considered full term! The last two weeks have been exponentially better than the 5-6 – partially because I’m able to run again, partially because I feel more prepared for the arrival of #2, and partially because I know how close I am to […]

Gestational Diabetes

Just a quick recap…A few weeks ago, I < barely>  failed my first glucose test.  My OB-GYN and I assumed the high number was a fluke (and likely caused by the ton of fruit and some chocolate I had eaten right before the test).   I found out last week that it wasn’t a fluke […]

Happy Bump Day! (35 weeks)


Another two weeks have come and gone and with it comes lots of updates regarding Pumpkin and I. Glucose test – First the bad news.  I have developed gestational diabetes (GD).  I feel somewhat embarrassed saying it aloud.  I’ve had this preconceived notion that you develop GD if you are unhealthy, overweight, and/or inactive (because […]

Running through Pregnancy – Part 4 – the 3rd Trimester

30 weeks pregnant

This is the 4th installment in a series of posts related to Running Through Pregnancy (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) —————————————————— Running during the third trimester was like being on a rollercoaster – some days I felt great and could run 8-10 miles; other days I had to stop and walk after 2-3.  I quickly learned to […]

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