Making Time for My Spouse’s Fitness

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I saw a tweet last week from a new dad saying he was happy to be getting back on track with running post-baby.  My first thought was along the lines of Post-Baby? You didn’t just have a baby!!  But after letting his words sink in for a bit, I began to see more and more truth to what he said.  True, the husbands are not the ones who just carried and delivered a child.  BUT, they DO have a new baby in their lives – and in some ways, I think the spouse’s return to running post-baby may sometimes be tougher.

The woman has to deal with the physical limitations of having just given birth, but the spouse may have to deal with his/her own set of challenges that comes with being the spouse of a postpartum woman.  I think it can be challenging for the spouse to juggle fitting in physical fitness while still being supportive at home (especially working a full-time job).

From my experience at home, I was given the full support of my husband to return to running very soon after both boys were born.  I had very easy L&D and was given clearance to run when I felt ready.  It wasn’t because I had a race on the calendar, but rather, because I loved running (and missed running w/o carrying around a watermelon!), wanted some semblance of control over my body back, and selfishly needed enjoyed a bit of time away from the stress of a newborn (esp when it was my first!).

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    Pregnancy #2 vs. Pregnancy #1

    One of the questions I’m asked most frequently these days is if my second pregnancy is any different from the first.  They could NOT be any MORE different!  Although I feel and look different this time around, the major change is my overall outlook on my pregnancy.

    Breaking the news to my husband and family.  When I found out I was pregnant with our first child two years ago, I told my husband, parents, and sisters (with the exception of one) in person.  I had my husband come home from work (I told a small white lie) because I wanted to share the news immediately and wanted it to be face-to-face!  This time, other than my mom (who I was with when I took the pregnancy test) and my sister who lives next door, I broke the news to everyone over the phone – even to my husband who was at work!

    Books, websites, resources. Hours after telling my husband two years ago, we were in Barnes and Noble buying a handful of pregnancy books.  These (along with a few key websites and an awesome day-by-day pregnancy guide-book that a girlfriend sent me) were my bibles for the next 5-6 months.  The books were always by my side and I read and studied whenever I could – I wanted to know every single detail of pregnancy that I could.  I knew the baby’s current size, weight, developments, skills, etc.  Ask me how big Pumpkin is right now.  The answer?  I honestly have no idea. It’s not that I don’t care how big he/she is or what developmental stage he/she is up to – but there are different priorities right now in my life right now.  I know and remember what I need to in order to have a safe, healthy, and successful pregnancy.  The size of the baby (and fruit/vegetable comparison), while the highlight of my week for pregnancy #1, is no longer my focus these days.

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      Marathons + Moderation

      ———- This was a guest post on A Healthy, Happier Bear’s Blog (Jan 11, 2012) —————-

      Hello Healthy, Happier Bear Readers!  When Ashley asked me to be a guest blogger on her awesome blog, I was ecstatic!  I am a newbie blogger (just over 3 months) and really love “meeting” other runners through the virtual world.

      My name is Michele and I blog at nycrunningmama.  I am the mother of a happy 1-year old boy and wife to my best friend.  I have been running for most of my life (in order to stay in shape for the sports I was involved in) but didn’t really fall in love with running until I was deployed to Iraq.  Running became my “me” time during each of my deployments – although I was pushing my body, I was resting my mind, so I happily looked forward to my daily runs.  You can find out more about me and read my bio on my blog!

       If you would have asked me three years ago about Marathon + Moderation, I would have probably told you that those two words do not go together. I was single, living in an apartment two blocks from Central Park and had no real obligations other than a very flexible job.  I was able to run whenever I wanted and for however long I wanted.  I was comfortable and happy to log upwards of 60-70 miles/week.   Life was good.  Most days, I would run however long my body felt like running – 8, 10, 12 miles. I very rarely had anything that required me to cut my run short – so if I chose to extend my run to two hours, I could.

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