What’s Beautiful?

Under Armour

When do you feel most beautiful?

Is it when you are all dressed up for a special occasion?

Or when you have your hair or makeup a certain way?  Or wearing a certain outfit or accessory?

Or maybe you are like me and it’s when you accomplish a goal?

At that moment, I feel unstoppable.  I feel strong.  I feel beautiful.

One of the first times I really experienced this was during the summer of 1999.  I spent six weeks going through Cadet Basic Training (CBT), also known as “Beast Barracks” at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  I do not remember a lot about that summer…it’s mostly a blur of images and moments that remain in my memory.  But I remember the last day – we were on an 18 mile road march back to West Point after spending a week living in tents outside.  The ruck march was a requirement in order to successfully complete CBT and begin our first academic year at West Point.  The route was extremely tough – there were several large hills (including a ski slope) we had to climb – all while carrying our rifles and 35 pounds in our ruck sack.

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