Garmin Vivofit Winner + You Can Still Win a Vivofit!

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photo (20)

I announced the winner of the Garmin Vivosmart Instagram giveaway on Thursday – congratulations to Kelly!!

The winner of the Garmin Vivofit giveaway is: Sarah Evans!

A couple of ladies participating in the #Pathtofit campaign with Garmin and Whole Foods are/will be giving away a Garmin Vivofit (as well as gift card to Whole Foods!). If you didn’t win one here, go check out their blogs for a chance to win!! Dorothy, Christine, Lindsay.

    Saucony Kinvara 5 Giveaway Winner

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    photo 2

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    The winner of the Saucony Kinvara 5 Giveaway (on Instagram) is: Sauceyjill! Congratulations! Please email me at and I’ll get the code over to you ASAP! =)

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    And, check out the Last Chance gear on – you can get 25% off all the shoes/gear that is already marked down (use code “EXTRA25” at checkout!

    And, just a reminder: you can vote once/day for the Runner’s World Cover Contest – I would really appreciate your vote and any sharing of the link! Thank you! =)


    I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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      Running Catch Up + Sparkly Soul Winners


      I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I flew to Charleston, SC on Thursday afternoon for one of my college (/Army) girlfriend’s bachelorette celebrations with my closest classmates. I stayed up late, did some drinking, danced and laughed harder than I have in years, saw some sights and tried delicious local cuisine. And as I write this, I still feel like I need a few days to recover. So definitely a successful weekend.


      I wrapped up my first week training post-marathon with a total of 56 miles spread over 7 runs. Here’s how the mileage broke down:

      – Monday: 8 miles on a new route by my home + drills. I got into the habit of doing almost the same route for the majority of my training runs in the fall and winter. Does anyone else do that? One of my goals this training cycle is to find different routes so that my body doesn’t get used to the same little hills and so that I work different muscles each day. I found a 4(ish) mile loop with 3 long climbs and a ton of small rollers on Monday’s run – not a route I will use for intervals or tempos, but will be good for recovery/easy/long runs. Splits: 8:05, 8:01, 7:55, 7:59, 8:03, 7:59, 7:50, 7:58. Average pace: 7:59.

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        Saucony Shoes + BOMF Entry Giveaway Winners


        After two weeks of recovery after the NJ Marathon, I am ready – physically and mentally – to begin training again. Not marathon training per-say (still have to finalize a fall goal race) but really any sort of training feeds into marathon training (if done correctly). I am focusing on consistency, building a solid foundation (mileage, strength/core work) and improving on speed in the shorter distances (<10k). I am actually racing my first 5k in a couple of weeks (I ran a 5k with the double stroller last summer) – kind of excited and freaking out about it all at the same time. Anyway, more to come on my plans for the next couple of months as well as some details about my new coach (yay!).

        So now onto the fun stuff – winners of some of the giveaways! Please email me at so we can get the prizes sent over to you ASAP!

        Back on My Feet – Shannon C.

        Saucony shoes – Katrina P.

        Congratulations to both ladies!! The winners will have one week to contact me (I will also email you) before a backup winner is selected.

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          Mother’s Day Weekend + Vitamix S30 Winner


          Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if you were celebrating, had a wonderful Mother’s Day. After the crummy winter and fairly cold spring thus-far, mother nature delivered an absolutely perfect weekend for us in the northeast (and seems to be continuing the trend because today is gorgeous as well!).

          We had my nephew / godson’s 1st birthday party on Saturday at my sister’s home. Seriously, isn’t he the cutest? =)

          My family continued our Mother’s Day tradition (which we started 5 years ago) on Sunday: brunch at a local restaurant and coffee/cake/drinks at one of our homes. The day could not have been more fun – brunch was delicious and then the rest of the day was spent at our house relaxing and playing in the yard.


          The winner of the Vitamix S30 giveaway is Adrienne!! Please email me at ASAP so we can get your new blender sent over!

          Thank you to everyone who participated!  If you didn’t win, you can still enter one of the other Mother’s Day week giveaways I’m hosting: Entry into in24 Philly Race + Pair of Saucony Shoes + Sparkly Soul Headbands).

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            Asics Giveaway Winners


            Hello from 35,000 feet!! Jess and I are happily on our way to LA. I will try to update you here on the activities over the weekend as much as I can but will definitely be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

            Thank you to everyone who participated in the Asics Giveaway. The two winners are: Anel and Wendy R. Please email me at ASAP so I can get you those promo codes!

            a Rafflecopter giveaway

            And I wanted to wish a very happy, happy birthday to my mom who is celebrating her special day today! I am bummed that I am not there to celebrate but my sisters and I got to spend the evening with her last night at the annual Ladies Night for our parish.

            I posted my goals earlier this week. Any last words of wisdom or advice on the course?

            Hope you have a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful race or long run if you are planning one!

            I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

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              Winner of VIP Entry for RNR Philly Half

              team refuel

              Happy Monday!

              The winner of the giveaway is Amanda (Miss Zippy).  Amanda – please contact me so we can get the registration and details sorted out ASAP!

              Thank you to everyone who participated. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of running =) Recap of last week’s running + amazing 17 miler will be posted soon!


              I don’t post here every day, but I post all of my workouts (and other happenings) on Instagram on a daily basis {NYCRunningMama}.

              For More NYC Running Mama training updates, pictures and ramblings, check out:

                4th of July Racing + Sparkly Soul Giveaway WINNER!

                fourth of july

                Hi friends!

                There is a 5 mile race tomorrow morning and I’m on the fence if I should sign up!  It’s a local race in Staten Island and one that I’ve said for YEARS that I wanted to do.  My long bike ride is Friday, so Thursday is a semi-free day (supposed to do a short brick)…but my in-laws are in town and it’s a holiday…and I always feel a bit guilty about being gone for a few hours.  And although my legs feel really good after the half ironman this weekend, I know they aren’t as fresh as I would want them to be.  Decisions, decisions. What are your thoughts? Would you do the race?

                Are you racing tomorrow?!  


                The winner for the Sparkly Soul Giveaway is: DEANA!  Please email me at so we can get you your headbands ASAP.

                (Note: If winner does not contact me within one week, a follow-up winner will be selected)

                Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  

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                  Garmin Forerunner 10 Winner


                  Good Morning!

                  The winner of the Garmin Forerunner 10 Giveaway is Gabrielle Mareaviva:

                  You have one week to email to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is selected!

                  Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  Check back next week for another review/giveaway =)

                  Also, check out the new colors that Garmin has released for the Forerunner 10:

                  Check them out here!!

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                    PRO Compression Giveaway WINNER!

                    st patty's day2

                    I apologize for not posting this earlier!! With the craziness of race week, I completely forgot!

                    The winner of the PRO Compression is: Lauren @ The Unlikely Runners!!  Congratulations, Lauren!  Please email me at!

                    Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for another running gear giveaway (hopefully next week)!!

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                      Ava & Liam WINNER + Discount Code

                      Go Big or Go Home

                      Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ava & Liam Motivational Sign Giveaway.  The winner is: Jenelle!!

                      If you didn’t win, Ava & Liam is offering $5 off ANY order of $25 or more when you use the code “NYCRunningMama” at checkout.  All products can be found here!

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                        Birthday Celebration + PowerBar Giveaway Winners

                        Family picture

                        I’m still on cloud 9 from this morning’s workout.  As I’ve mentioned (repeatedly) on here before, I’m aiming for a sub-42 10k in a few weeks in order to apply for the Saucony Hurricane Team.  I woke up this morning with the desire to do a tempo run instead of my planned hill workout.  I didn’t really have a set plan of pace or distance, but figured I’d shoot for 4 miles around a 7 min pace.  I finished the 4 miles in 27:33 which comes out to about a 6:53 pace.  Mile repeats are definitely paying off – I felt much stronger and in control than I did when I tried this about a month ago (ran 4 miles at a 7:05 pace).  I needed this run to give me a boost after this weekend’s long run in the wind where I felt like I was barely moving.

                        My oldest son turned two yesterday.  Where did the last TWO years go??  It seems cliche to say that time is moving too fast – but it is  – and I feel like it’s multiplied when you have little ones.  There’s so many huge milestones crammed into such a short amount of time for them.

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                          Race for Recovery Giveaway Winners


                          The Race for Recovery raised $10,795!!  Thank you to everyone who donated, ran, and/or helped spread the word of this event!!

                          My phone was buzzing NONSTOP on Saturday with tweets, emails, Instagram notifications, and FB posts containing results and pictures.  There were countless times when I just looked at my husband, showed him my phone, and started to tear up.  I truly felt that the running community was 100% united on Saturday – there may have been differing opinions regarding the cancellation of the NYC Marathon, but there were literally hundreds of people across the United States world running in support of those affected by Sandy.

                          I started this race with a lofty goal of $2,500 and we ended up raising over FOUR times that amount.  I have never been prouder to call myself a runner.

                          I will be doing a post on the race results tomorrow (race results are still being submitted) and then a post with pictures (and facts/numbers about the participants) on Wednesday so please check back to check them out.  (You can still enter times and/or email me pictures if you haven’t done so yet)

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                            Gone For a Run Winner + Upcoming Giveaways

                            Race For Recovery

                            I apologize for not announcing the winner of the Gone for a Run giveaway sooner!  The last few weeks have been a bit hectic.

                            The randomly selected winner is:

                            Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy!

                            Please email me at

                            You have one week to contact me to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is chosen.


                            As promised there will be a handful of giveaways in the upcoming few weeks including:

                            • PowerBar (2 winners):  boxes of various bars – valued over $100 per winner
                            • Mustela (1 winner): gift pack – valued at $100

                            Additionally, I’m going to begin the PR Spotlight series that I had discussed in the spring.  Looking forward to highlight Jess from Pace of Me next week!


                            Don’t forget to sign up for the RACE FOR RECOVERY 5k/10k!  

                            We have over 125 runners from across the country participating already (and have raised almost $5,000).

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                              Running Mom Inspiration + Mizuno Shoe Giveaway WINNER!


                              First, I just want to say thank you so much for everyone’s supportive and encouraging comments, tweets, and messages regarding yesterday’s post.  It was really great to hear about all of your experiences dealing with similar frustrations with returning to running (especially those returning postpartum).

                              I’ve heard so many stories about females becoming faster after giving birth.  I didn’t get a chance to experience the full extent of this as I had just started PRing again (my son was 11 months old) when I found out that we were expecting child #2!

                              But there are a lot of females that get considerably faster post-baby.  One great example is Jen from The Local Elite.  I recently discovered her and her blog (and love both!!)!!  She is insanely fast and hopes to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Check out her pre-pregnancy and post-baby PRs – they give me so much hope!!

                              • 5k Road: 16:40 (pre-pregnancy 18:20)
                              • Half Marathon: 1:18:05 (pre-pregnancy 1:25)
                              • Marathon 2:51 (pre-pregnancy 3:14)
                              PS. Jen just ran the Columbus Half-Marathon (as a training run – not an all out race) and finished in 1:21:09 (which is a 6:15 pace).  She finished 50th out of almost 10,000 runners and was the 8th female to cross the finish line.  Amazing (especially since it was just a training run for her!).  Congrats, Jen!


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                                Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway WINNER!

                                The resort we are staying at!

                                Hope everyone had a terrific weekend!!  My husband, son, and I are on our way to Stowe Mountain, Vermont for the week!!  My husband has a work conference at the mountain resort and we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.   I am excited for some cooler temperatures (highs in the mid-70s!!), beautiful scenery, family time, and possibly a pre-natal massage!!


                                Please check out my friend Katie’s blog Mom’s Little Running Buddy today.  She has begun a series on her blog called “From One Mother to Another” where she will be highlighting active moms (and dads!).  I was super excited when she contacted me a few weeks ago!

                                You can find the link here


                                Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway! So many of you had amazing plans for the 4th of July – hope they all turned out fun and exciting.

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                                  Mizuno Running Shoes Giveaway WINNER!


                                  Hey friends – I apologize for not posting this earlier!!

                                  Thank you to everyone who participated.   I loved reading about all of the brilliant runs that you have experienced!

                                  The winner is Megan D!  Megan – please email me at ASAP so we can get you into the Mezamashii Project!!  If you do not contact me by Sunday, June 24, a follow-up winner will be selected.

                                  For more information on the Mezamashii Run Project, click here.

                                  Don’t forget to Follow NYC Running Mama on:
                                  Twitter: @nycrunningmama
                                  Facebook: NYCRunningMama
                                  Pinterest: NYCRunningMama

                                    Busy as a Bee and Winner of Saucony Shoe Giveaway!!!

                                    busy bee

                                    Multi-tasking - My husband taping (in prep for painting) while occupying our son!

                                    Hey friends!

                                    I know I’ve been MIA the last week – with my blog, Facebook, Twitter…basically all forms of social media!   Everything is great here – just super super busy.  Since late last week, I have spent ~12 hours / day at our new house – cleaning, unpacking, watering the newly laid sod (seriously hours a day), and letting my son get acquainted with our new home before the big move.   I don’t want the huge transition to be too difficult for him – we are going from a 2 BR apartment to a 4-BR, 3,000+ sq foot home.  So, we spend all day in the house and head back at his bedtime.  Once he’s sleeping, I have been focusing on packing up things here before going to bed passing out for the night.

                                    It’s been a major challenge to not overdo it.  And to be honest, I’m not doing such a great job.  It’s so hard to force myself to take breaks – even if it means just putting my feet up.  When my son is napping, I get a second wind and try to get as much accomplished as I can.  I know I should be resting or even relaxing when he naps.

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                                      Happy Mother’s Day + SECOND Erica Sara Designs Giveaway Winner

                                      Mother's Day 2012

                                      Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies and soon-t0-be-mommies out there! Hope you all had a wonderful day spent with family and lots of good food!

                                      I had planned on a long run early yesterday morning but after my son woke up (for the day) at 4:15am and my belly not feeling “right”, I decided to forego the run and spend the early morning hours cuddling and reading in bed with my son.

                                      As I had mentioned in a previous post, my family and I celebrate Mother’s Day each year with brunch.  We decided to go to a local restaurant – Pasticceria Bruno – this year and could not have been happier with our choice.  The food was delicious, service was great, and we got to enjoy about two hours of eating, talking, and watching my son and niece play around with each other.

                                      After brunch, we made our way back to my mom’s house to have coffee, dessert, and play in the park.  The dessert from Pasticceria Bruno is to die for:

                                      One of the highlights of the day for me was getting A TON of clothes from my sisters.  Between me and my older sister buying new homes (and trying to give away things we don’t need/want) and my two younger sisters doing some serious spring cleaning of their own, my mom’s entire family room was filled with shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes.  It was awesome – I have an entire bag of (new-to-me) clothes to wear both during pregnancy (some of the bigger shirts) and after Pumpkin is born in September!!

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                                        Erica Sara Designs Giveaway WINNER + Discount Code!!


                                        Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!

                                        I contacted Erica to select the winner using – since there were several of my family and friends who entered the giveaway, I wanted a third-party to select the winner!!

                                        You have one week to contact me at before another winner is chosen!!

                                        If you didn’t win, you still have time to order a Mother’s Day Necklace from Erica Sara Designs – all the product and contact information is on her website.

                                        Erica has graciously offered all of my readers 10% off their ENTIRE order from now until May 13, 2012 (Mother’s Day) – use code RUNNINGMAMA10 at checkout!