Race Results

LA Marathon: 3:35:23
NJ Marathon: 3:21:57 (9th place female, 1st in AG)
Anthony’s 5k Run: 20:31 (2nd place female), PR
RnR Philly 5k: 19:57 (6th place female, 24th overall)
Staten Island Half Marathon: 1:33:55 (5+ minute course PR)
NYC Marathon: 4:02 (ran as a guide)
Honolulu Marathon: 5:28:53 (ran with my sister!)
Hot Chocolate 10k: 43: 34(4th place female, 1st in AG)
Cold Feet Trail 10k: 49:01 (1st place female)
Scotland 10k: 43:19 (PR)
NJ Marathon: DNF
Rev3 Quassy Olympic Triathlon: 3:11:05 (1st Triathlon)
Mighty Moss Half Ironman: 6:05:25 (1st in AG)
Arielle Newman 5 Miler: 34:52 (6th place female, 1st in AG)
Staten Island Triathlon: 1:11:18 (4th place female, 1st in AG, 1st from SI)
NYC Min 10k: 48:43 (25 wks pregnant)
Runner’s World Festival 10k: 48:21 (4 weeks postpartum)
SI Half-Marathon: 1:38:57
NYC Marathon (Part 1Part 2, Part 3Best Part): 3:46:49 (won the FL5BC)
Knickerbocker 60k: 5:41:28
SI Trail Festival 25k (Trail): 2:18:28 (2nd Place Female)
Manhattan Half-Marathon: 1:38:49
NYC Half-Marathon: 1:35:23
Fitness Mind, Body, Spirit 4m: 36:47 (20 weeks pregnant)
SI Half-Marathon: 2:00:15 (26 wks pregnant)
Jingle Bell Jog 4m: 37:26 (36 weeks pregnant)
Boston Marathon: 3:21:32 (PR)
Mayor’s Half-Marathon: 1:44:12 (3rd Place Female – Age Group)
North Face Endurance Half-Marathon (Trail): 1:56:29 (4th Place Female)
Ted Corbitt 15k: 1:08:49
Al Gordon Snowflake 4m: 39:56
Camp Liberty Half-Marathon: 1:38 (1st Place Female)
Austin Half-Marathon: 1:40:41 (1st Place Female – Military Division)
Grasslands Half-Marathon (Trail): 1:52:06 (1st Place Female)
Queens Half-Marathon: 1:34:31 (PR)
Army Ten-Miler: 1:11:04 (PR)
NYC Marathon: 3:22:54
Philadelphia Marathon: 3:54:02

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