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4 Ways To Ensure a Dry Basement

4 Ways To Ensure a Dry Basement

There’s nothing worse than that dank, musty smell basements are so notorious for. That horrible odor is caused by excess moisture, which also contributes to mold and structural damage in the cellar. If you’ve been wrestling with a damp basement, here are four ways to ensure it stays dry.

1. Invest in Waterproofing

If cellar water is extensive, professional basement waterproofing is the best solution. Waterproofing entails excavation around the foundation, repairing and sealing walls and installing a gravel barrier. Waterproofing can also be performed on the inside walls by fixing cracks and applying a sealant.

2. Install a Downspout

There are many ways for water to seep into your basement, and rain runoff from the roof is one of them. This is easily prevented by installing a downspout to keep water away from your foundation. To ensure your downspout is maintained, enlist reputable waterproofing services to keep it clean and prevent property erosion.

3. Check Your Landscaping

Did you know that landscaping can contribute to a damp basement? If your gardens or mulch are banked up against the house, it’s easy for moisture to get in. Landscaping plants should be set at least three feet away from your home for good ventilation, and beds should slope downwards, so water flows away from the structure.

4. Set Up a Dehumidifier or Sump Pump

Depending on how much moisture is in your basement, a sump pump or dehumidifier might do the trick. While a sump pump may not keep the floor dry, it allows the removal of standing water from the basement. A dehumidifier will zap excess moisture from the air, eliminating that musty smell and protecting your structure. 

Wet basements are a common occurrence that often lead to serious damage. To keep your cellar dry, call for professional waterproofing, install a downspout and modify your landscaping.