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5 Things You Must Do Before Planning a Graduation Party for your Child

5 Things You Must Do Before Planning a Graduation Part for your Child

5 Things You Must Do Before Planning a Graduation Party for your Child

It’s every parent’s dream to see their child graduate high school. And when this dream comes true, they want to make sure that this major accomplishment of their child is celebrated well. So, they throw a graduation party to share their happiness with their family and friends and to acknowledge their child’s dedication and hard work publicly. A perfect graduation party requires perfect planning and a major fiasco can happen if everything is not done right. People normally jump to things like food menus and decorations without doing important preliminary work. Here are a few things you must do before you start party planning:

1. Decide a Budget

When you’re celebrating something that’s so close to your heart like your child’s high school graduation, it’s very easy to get carried away and spend money on non-essentials specifically in party decorations. Therefore, you should set a budget to make sure you don’t end up overspending.

2. Make a Guest List

From family members to all of your child’s friends, you need to decide who you want to attend the party. You should add everyone who you think had a positive influence in your child’s life.

3. Send Graduation Announcements

Once you have decided your guest list, start sending graduation party invitations. You can send high school graduation cards or custom graduation announcements with your child’s graduation ceremony photo on it.

4. Pick a Date

Setting a date for the party can be very tricky as there might be other graduation parties being held that your child doesn’t want to miss. So, you might want to check with your child’s friends in order to make sure there are no party clashes. You may also want to check with family members like grandparents to make sure the party date you have decided works for them.

5. Plan your Help

Party planning and organizing is a delicate business and you cannot do everything on your own. You cannot do cleaning, cooking, and decorations all by yourself and still get enough time to get your hair done. Therefore, you need to ask for help from friends or family members or get professional assistance.