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Philadelphia Marathon Lesson On Not Quitting

Philadelphia Marathon Lesson On Not Quitting

Running a marathon is definitely a challenging situation. After all, it is a competition only against yourself. The main lesson when running a marathon is to keep going and to avoid quitting at all costs. It is all about the power of the mind and how much you are willing to push yourself in order to arrive at the finish line. For some people, it is a competition against themselves, where they are trying to overcome their previous marathon times and see how every year they become better. 

The main lesson though is not quitting, this is why a lot of people practice beforehand, given that you need to learn how to run a specific distance without letting your body tell you when to stop. It is a mind game, and you need to be stronger than what you think you are and use that power of the mind to overcome the race. It is true that there is nothing that will stop you once you set up your mind to do something, which is why you always need to find the right motivation before running.

Finding Your Motivation

Make sure you have a reason behind your race, whether you are running for a cause, you want to beat your previous record, you are maybe even losing weight and this is one big milestone along the way; whatever your reason might be, hold on to it though the entire race. Often your motivation or your purpose is what will help you to continue running until you get to the finish line.

Don’t Push Yourself Over The Limit

A marathon is about pacing yourself, controlling your breathing, and running with rhythm. Don’t rush yourself and be very patient with your time. Remember to breathe and take breaks if you consider it necessary. Don’t push yourself over the limit given that you need what is left of your energy in order to finish the race.