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Saucony Virrata Review

Saucony Virrata Review

For those that aren’t aware of, the Saucony Virrata are a pair of tennis shoes meant for running. These are available in every size and color, and they are truly one of the best brands when it comes to running shoes. These shoes are perfect for running on rough surfaces, and they have a drop of 3-4 mm that allows the runner to move around freely without a heavy impact on their feet and knees. 

In addition, these shoes have gained a lot of popularity because of the public’s positive response to these running shoes. Generally after people have tried them out for a while, they give out reviews so that others can guide themselves in whether it is a good or a bad purchase. Fortunately, the Saucony Virrata came out with impeccable reviews given that they have a great performance while running.


The best part about shoes that don’t weigh a lot, is that they give you better performance while running, given that they are not heavy at all. These shoes only weigh 220g which makes them incredibly comfortable while running, as they give the runner an extra push for not having to carry a lot of weight on their ankles.

On The Road

This shoe is extremely flexible and easy on the feet. It allows the runner to experience free movement even if it was designed as a race shoe. People can use it for racing or even just regular training, whatever the case is, these shoes are soft and smooth, while still having a comfortable cushion for your feet to land on.

Overall, this brand is quite spectacular for runners and it is extremely recommended for people traveling long distances with free movement on their feet. In addition, the design and colors used for these models are simply unique and spectacular.