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Why Taking a Solo Drive Can Benefit New Moms

Why Taking a Solo Drive Can Benefit New Moms

Being a parent is a rollercoaster ride, and it isn’t always the fun kind. While you love your child deeply and would do anything to protect them and keep them safe, it’s okay to admit they drive you up the wall. Jumping in the car is a great strategy to help you get away from it all. If you haven’t thought about it before, here’s why you should consider taking a solo drive and how it will benefit you as a new mom.

Catch Your Breath

It’s almost impossible to get alone time in the same house as your children, which is why getting in the car is such an attractive option. Once you’re on the road, you will have a chance to catch your breath. Putting the noise and constant demands behind you is a good way to refocus on what you love about being a parent.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your current vehicle to take it out for a solo drive, it might be time to add a new member to your family in the form of a car. Test drive a new Nissan for sale and reintroduce yourself to the joys of being behind the wheel.

Get Off Social Media

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what your kids want without the internet intruding, but that’s what it’s designed to do. Fortunately, when you’re driving your car, you can’t check social media.

Take a break from the overwhelming amount of advice and opinions on parenting and let the digital world slide away for an hour or so. By choosing to go for a drive instead of doom scrolling or getting into an argument in the comments, you’re giving your mental health a boost.

Give Yourself Space

Too much of a good thing makes it not good anymore, which is why you deserve some space from your kid when you’re a new mom. Driving away from home is a literal way to put space between you and your child. Sometimes that’s all it takes to reset, and then you’ll feel ready to tackle the nighttime feedings and food tantrums again in no time. 

Sing Your Heart Out

One of the best things about being alone in a car is that you can sing as loud as you want. As a new parent, you probably put your musical tastes aside most of the time. When you get behind the wheel, you set the playlist. 

Music is a balm for the soul. It actually increases serotonin and can make you feel less overwhelmed. Listening to music can also help with sensory overload and emotional regulation.

Make Self-Care a Priority

It seems counterintuitive to set aside time to practice self-care as a new mom because babies and toddlers require a huge amount of attention and time. The simple truth is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you might fall apart. When you break, you won’t be able to take care of your child. When you have the urge to do it, hop in the car and go for that drive to reap the benefits of some much-deserved self-care.