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Features of a Qualified Electrical Contractor

Features of a Qualified Electrical Contractor

A qualified electrical contractor has the skills, training, and experience necessary to complete your electrical project safely and efficiently. In addition, they have the licenses and insurance needed to ensure your safety.

A licensed electrical contractor has a solid track record of performing work safely and on time, with a focus on quality workmanship. It will save you money, time, and annoyance with emergency repairs.


Whether you need electrical work in your home or on a large construction site, a qualified electrician is the professional to trust. They will be trained to ensure that your electrical work complies with local regulations and is safe for you and anyone who works around it.

Electricians typically go through apprenticeship programs, which last four or five years, with at least 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year. They also get extensive training on safety procedures and the equipment for working with energized power lines.

In New York, you must have a license to perform electrical work. In addition, the state requires that you pass a written exam and a practical test. Once you have passed both, you can start working under a licensed electrical contractor.


As an electrical contractor, your business faces a unique set of risks and exposures. These include working around active wires and circuits, specialized equipment, and other dangerous situations.

A qualified electrician should have liability insurance to protect their business and clients. General liability coverage will cover bodily injury and property damage up to the policy’s limits.

Workers’ compensation will also help your business if an employee is injured. It covers their medical bills and lost wages until they return to work.

Errors and omissions insurance covers you if a client claims that your electrical work was faulty or unsatisfactory. It will also pay legal costs and court judgments.

Lastly, tools and equipment insurance protect you from losing or stealing your electrical gear, such as your drills, power cords, or pliers. It’s available as an add-on to your general liability policy. Again, your local State Farm agent can help you find the right coverage for your electrical contracting business.


An Electrician needs the skills and knowledge to work safely with electrical equipment. They use their technical expertise to design plans for wiring new buildings, identify the source of electrical problems and find solutions to restore power.

Contractors also have to be highly organized and skilled at maintaining their tools. Keeping their equipment in working order can help them locate what they need quickly and avoid costly replacement costs.

Safety is essential for electricians, who often work with dangerous equipment and risk shocks, burns, and other injuries. They may also need to be aware of their surroundings, as they may work in areas with fire hazards.

Customer Service

The customer service of a qualified electrical contractor is one of the best things about the trade. A top-notch service department is critical to the success of any home or business owner. A good customer service representative will have all the knowledge and know-how to make your job a breeze from start to finish. In addition to the standard services, a qualified electrical contractor will be happy to provide you with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your budget and improve the value of your home or office.

You can learn more about the responsibilities of an electrical service contractor by visiting your local state or city offices or checking out a free online database of licensed electricians near you. The best electrical contractors are a delight to work with and will go the extra mile for their clients.