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Is Borrowing A Race Bib Wrong

Is Borrowing A Race Bib Wrong

When it comes to races and marathons, there are some basic things that people should know. Things that are considered the proper behavior and etiquette when it comes to races, it is important to know these things in order to be considered a decent participant and so that you can fit in nicely along with other runners. You always want to be polite and helpful, after all it is what you would expect the other competitors to be like.

What is wrong and what is right?

Nevertheless, there are some basic things that you should and shouldn’t do in a race. For instance borrowing another person’s racing bib is just something that isn’t right.Every person has their individual entrance and register through their bib. Their number is unique, and it is meant to go attached into your running shirt in order to keep it with you at all times. However, not only is wearing someone else’s bib wrong, it is truly forbidden to run with someone else’s entry. Not only can your results be invalid if someone found out, but also, you could even be banned from future marathons for not following the protocol. All the numbers and registries are meant to keep tabs on all runners, in order to not only know who won, but to track them all together and be able to spot them individually. 

The right thing to do in a marathon, especially on a big one, is to keep your own individual bib, given that it has your name and all of your information attached to it. You want to avoid any issues by sticking to the rules and simply acting accordingly, Even if a lot of people don’t get caught, you should always strive to be a good competitor.