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The Effective Ways to Deal with Home Clutter

The Effective Ways to Deal with Home Clutter

Clutter in a home situation is something to avoid. Not just because we might trip up over it or break something precious but because it can be bad for mental health to look at it.  So we will look for the most efficient and cost-effective ways to deal with it.

Many householders are now considering the cheap storage units available locally as a solution to their clutter. So this article will consider these along with a couple of other solutions.

Self-Storage Units

The bonus of self-storage units will be that you can quickly clear some space at home when needed as long as you have this solution in place. We can take our time to decide where to direct certain items without being rushed into the wrong decisions.

Units with climate control are particularly useful for protecting vulnerable or delicate items. It pays to research which possessions require a bit more protection, so you can choose those particular items for self-storage.

In addition to temperature controls, self-storage facilities generally also come with added security. This usually goes beyond a CCTV camera recording suspicious activities and can include monitoring and 24/7 surveillance as a preventative measure. 

Always consider that if you want to change things between seasons you will need a sufficiently sized unit to give you flexibility. It helps if you start by accommodating the season that has the most objects on display but you can work this out otherwise. You could, for instance, make a list of the possible items that you might take to a storage unit periodically.

More Effective Sorting Strategies

It can be a case of arranging things better to create the extra space but invariably we will need another area to call an extra room.

To make a good start, we can check for drawer or cupboard space to help us accommodate many of the things that do not need to be on show. We could look to have dividers within our drawers to better sort the items within them.

Look to have furniture that allows you to accommodate items. For instance, the settee that has storage underneath or the bed that opens up to reveal storage space inside. It is good to think practically with our furniture so that we are not just using it for one purpose.

Then, move anything that you still cannot accommodate into a local self-storage unit for easy access.

Fitted Wardrobes and Kitchens

A built-in wardrobe can save a lot of space in a bedroom. It can already be part of a new house, have since been built into an old house, or need to be created.

Kitchens can be better arranged when all the appliances are fitted together without space being wasted. The cupboards are good for storing plates, while the drawers need to contain the sharpest cutlery. Whereas, things more picturesque and safer to handle can be kept out on display in a kitchen and still have a practical purpose. This might be a decorative pot that contains a utensil, for example.

The other good thing about fitted kitchens is that you are likely getting that professional opinion on how best to use your space. There is a lot of experience among staff after they have fitted many kitchens in different household and work situations. They can guide you over making the best use of your space in addition to where to place certain appliances to prove convenient.


So we have three great ways to deal with clutter and have our home feel more spacious. It is a good feeling to declutter and it can make moving around our house much easier. We can enjoy our time there more and also find that chores such as cleaning become quicker and easier and less nervy affairs when things might get broken when surrounded by clutter.