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Is There Such a Thing as an All-Terrain Sneaker?

Is There Such a Thing as an All-Terrain Sneaker?

For runners, sneakers are the ultimate footwear. They provide the flexibility and comfort needed for the most efficient running experience. A good pair of sneakers will maximize your speed and reduce tiredness even over long distances. NYC is an amazing city for sneaker-lovers due to hot temperatures over the summer with plenty of green areas for exercise.

All-Terrain Sneaker?

However, sneakers typically suffer in cold or wet weather. Most sneakers are built for speed and comfort, and the materials that usually accomplish those goals are not particularly practical for rainy days. Some of the best sneakers on the market are generally not waterproof. While this is usually not an issue for most, exercising tends to result in wet feet, and dodging puddles or worrying about rainy weather adds to the problem.

With NYC receiving frequent rainfall, it might be a good idea to look for alternatives to light sneakers that don’t fare well in wet conditions.

Is There Such a Thing as an All-Terrain Sneaker?

New York City Sneaker Climate

Since NYC is notorious for its highly variable climate with very short periods of sunny weather, runners are always on the lookout for the best weather to jog in. Waterproof sneakers weren’t common on the market, with most models being bulky or offering subpar internal padding that sacrificed comfort for practicality.

Luckily, there is a solution. Loom footwear is one of the leading world brands that solely focuses on waterproof, all-terrain sneakers. Their slip-on design makes them incredibly quick to put on, and doesn’t detract from the sturdy build and excellent materials.

The exterior of the sneaker is lined with four layers of waterproofing and moisture-wicking material designed to make the entire shoe resistant to water. It is also resistant to dirt and grime, making Loom sneakers easy to maintain and keep clean for the next big event.

The inside of the sneaker is lined with high-quality Merino wool. Merino is considered one of the premium clothing and apparel materials due to its extremely high performance and versatility. The wool is soft like cashmere but is also incredibly durable and doesn’t wear out over time.

Merino is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material. If you’ve ever suffered from athlete’s foot, you’ll know how challenging it can be to find a perfect fit that won’t agitate your feet. Sneakers that are breathable and prevent microbial growth are the best way to combat foot odor or infections.

With New York’s ever-changing weather patterns, it’s vital to have sneakers that can adapt to the situation and provide comfort in hot, cold, and humid conditions. That’s why the combination of moisture wicking and breathability is an absolute must if you want sneakers that can handle the hottest and wettest days.

Is There Such a Thing as an All-Terrain Sneaker?

Beyond the Marathon

While water resistance is a good indication of whether sneakers can handle a rougher environment, the soles are what matters for terrain away from the city streets or parks. Hiking across mountain trails puts more pressure on some regions of the foot than others due to uneven ground. Even experienced joggers and runners need to be careful when running in unfamiliar locations with light shoes or sneakers.

With Loom all-terrain sneakers, this isn’t a problem. The proprietary, comfort-first Excelcast sole provides the perfect blend of function and form that makes the shoe suitable for any activity you can think of. A shoe that supports the foot and legs properly will minimize the risk of back injuries and reduce tiredness.

If you want to find out what makes Loom sneakers unique and why they are among the best all-terrain sneakers for marathon runners and mountain hikers alike, check out their official store at