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Single Mums - Interstate Migration from Brisbane to Melbourne 

Single Mums – Interstate Migration from Brisbane to Melbourne 

Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne for a new job is not an easy journey, and it can be even more difficult if you’re making the move as a single mum. Although your kids may feel excited about starting over in their teenage years (moving into college or university), they still need some guidance when adjusting to life away from friends and family they have established and surrounded themselves with. Here are some tips that will help them adjust better while also helping yourself through this challenging time:

Get Your Kids Involved

When moving, kids may experience stress and it’s important to get the kids involved by preparing them for the change. It is best if you give your children early notice of any move that will be taking place and exactly what dates so, they can ask questions or express how they are feeling about it. If possible, involve your children when packing up things by letting them choose some items to bring with them from their old house into the new one. If possible, it is important to visit Melbourne before actually making a complete move there, take them to the suburb that you are planning on relocating to. It is important to take this opportunity now to build some familiarity of the new home and place prior to moving.

By taking the opportunity to prepare your kids and giving them some sense of control, you will help the moving process go more smoothly.

Make Your Kids Settle In First

Get your kids settled as quickly as possible. Help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings by making it a priority to unpack and setup their rooms first, creating a play space that they know and love, or sticking to what is familiar for now. By doing this you will find they will quickly establish a routine that will follow through to adjusting to their new home and ultimately their new city Melbourne.

Don’t Shy Away From Help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather an opportunity to let your loved ones know you appreciate them. When moving into or out of any home, it’s usually easy to get overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done and how much time they take up in between packing boxes and taking things apart before even putting everything back together again once moved. 

If you have family, friends or neighbors who are willing to pitch in, then be sure to accept their offer or ask them as this will allow those people to feel appreciated while also helping you and your children reduce some stress from doing something new like moving new homes. A move is not the time to be stubborn and prideful, but instead ask family members for help when needed with packing, picking up new furniture or simply watching your kids for a couple hours. It’s okay to need assistance sometimes; parents are human too! Besides, having more hands around will make it feel more like a joyous event.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

When moving, it’s important to hire not only people who will help you carry your belongings but also removalists in Brisbane that can make the process smoother. Asking for assistance is necessary if you’re already busy with kids and other responsibilities as a single parent.

By hiring the right removalists interstate, they can help with more than just transportation. They’ll be able to handle everything from packing and organizing your items up until storage if necessary! When moving day comes along, all you have to do is provide a helping hand rather than worrying about how things are being handled behind-the-scenes.

A Change In Weather

Dressing up your kids in multiple layers is the best way to go when moving around in Melbourne. If you wear layers, then it’s easy to adjust your outfit based on how warm or cold you feel throughout the day!

Melbourne is known for its extremes in weather and can change conditions very quickly during a single day of winter or summer so wearing layers allows you as a single mum the flexibility to take layers of or on as you move from one environment into another with kids.

Exploring Beautiful Melbourne

Once your family is in Melbourne, it’s time to start exploring! Find out where the grocery store and libraries are located. Don’t forget a fun place for you kids as well; there’s heaps of parks for children and one of the best free parks is Royal Park Nature Playground located on Gatehouse Street in Parkville. Plenty to do for kids of all ages including a water play and beautiful views of the city from the lookout on a big hill. 

At the very least it’s a good place for them to stay on top of their social life by making friends at their new neighborhood parks or even joining after school activities like music lessons or sports clubs, you’ll be surprised you’ll even meet a new friend yourself with a similar family dynamic.

With these tips, you can get your move out of the way and leave time to focus on what matters most: settling into life in Melbourne.