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Tips On Sex Toy Shopping

Tips On Sex Toy Shopping

We have all been in a position where we’ve been stuck for ideas on the perfect gift for a loved one. Sometimes, even purchasing for yourself can be difficult, so when buying for your partner you can be overwhelmed by choice. This can be particularly true when looking for gifts of the bedroom variety, as there are plenty of options to buy yourself or surprise your partner with. To help, here are some top tips on sex toy shopping so that you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying yourself.

Choose an Expert Store

There are lots to choose from, much more than even a few years ago, so it can be confusing when deciding on the best sex toys to purchase. One of the best ways to get help is to visit a sex shop either online or in person, as this way you can speak to or contact the experts who are there to advise. It can still be uncomfortable for some to discuss private matters with a total stranger, but it is the most effective way to determine the ideal gift for you or a partner. Read reviews and how-to guides on certain toys you are intrigued about and if you are still not sure, just ask the experts.

Know Your Preference & Your Partners

The best place to start is to know what you’re into and what you are definitely not willing to try. This can filter down many available sex toys for a more focused shopping list, removing any fetish toys that don’t take your interest. This can be simple when searching for a sex toy for your own use, but what about for someone else? It’s best to know what your partner’s preference is too, all whilst not spoiling the surprise of getting a sex toy gift. Do something careful digging around the subject and that way you can avoid buying a toy they are really not into. 

Start Small then Work Your Way Up

It’s not all about the size of course and the temptation to go large when you’re maybe not ready for it can cause more problems than pleasure. After all, there is no rush and sometimes the thrill is building up slowly to something more weirdly shaped or overly proportioned. This is a rule of thumb for many types of sex toys, from dildos and vibrators, to butt plugs and love eggs and much more. If you are a sex toy novice, this is especially important so that you can find the right toy without causing injury. Start small, then slowly increase the size of the toy. If you need something more fulfilling, you can click here to discover a range of toys that may work for you.

Go for Easy Clean Materials

Keeping sex toys clean is essential, so choosing ones that are the simplest to keep in good condition is advisable. As there are many types of toys to choose from, there are also many different materials to consider, with some easier to clean than others. Complex toys with many components involved may require some more thought, but all in one devices that have a silicone shell or coating can be easily wiped clean. If any contain a battery, you should look to remove it (if isn’t built-in) before submerging in water, for example. Some toys may say they are waterproof, but this may only refer to part of the product. 

There is plenty to consider when going sex toy shopping, so the above tips should help direct your way and make the best choice for you and your lucky partner.