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Boston Marathon Race Recap

Boston Marathon Race Recap

Famously known around the globe, the Boston Marathon has been one of the oldest races recorded in all history. This is an annual tradition that has been one of the major marathons across the globe, and usually, runners prepare for it every year. 

Marathon’s Distance

This race takes place in Boston, and it is usually recorded to have a distance of 39.4 kilometers that has to be traveled by all runners. Every year, this marathon takes place around the same dates given that they are constantly looking for clear skies and a good temperature. There have often been cases recorded of snow during the marathon or even heavy rains, however, the race still took place under these conditions.

How to get involved

There are numerous ways on how people can get involved in these marathons, from the actual runners, the ones that complete the race or even supporting it as a volunteer. Every extra hand is always welcomed given that the entire event is massive. 

Aside from being super competitive, this marathon is quite exclusive. Given that this marathon is a big part of history, it is unique and a lot of people work hard to be a part of it. 

First Run

The Boston Marathon initially took place in April 1897 and it has become one of the most popular traditions in Boston’s history. Since then, this race has become a yearly event, where people from all around the globe travel down to Boston in order to compete in this worldwide event. Even if it snows, it rains, or if it’s super cloudy, there is nothing that will prevent this marathon from happening.

The Boston Marathon was an inspiration from the Olympic Games in 1897, and initially, it even used to be a 24.5-mile race, the same distance that it is today.