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What is Glycogen Depletion Training?

What is Glycogen Depletion Training?

Fitness trends are on the rise nowadays. People are constantly looking for different training methods in order to see what works best for their bodies. The entire world has turned obsessed over fitness trends given that people are now more aware of their bodies, which they put in them, and how they look. Being caring about your body is essential, given that it will determine your overall health and life condition. 

In addition, there has been a training method that involves exhausting the body’s supply of muscle, referred to as glycogen. This method is called the glycogen depletion and it increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. There might be a lot of training methods but this one surely does its job.

Glycogen depletion

Given that this training method increases the sensitivity to insulin, this helps the body perform effectively with the right number of carbohydrates. Meaning, that your body can even handle higher levels of carbs without really storing that fat. In a certain way, this method exhausts the body entirely. It drains it from energy, and therefore everything that people put into it afterward, serves just like fuel. 

How is this method practiced?

The most common way people practice the Glycogen Depletion Training is by doing a fasted run, which means not eating for a long period of time and then running to burn off the remaining calories. Basically, it could be done by running or exercising on an empty stomach in order to show your body how to burn the stored fat. Often when you eat before a workout, your body uses that fat to burn, instead of when you are running on an empty stomach, your body burns the stored one. It is a great method to start your fitness regimen in order to see quick changes.