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The Benefits of a Reset Trigger Kit

The Benefits of a Reset Trigger Kit

There are several reasons to install a reset trigger kit in your firearm. These reasons include improving safety, increasing accuracy, and speeding up your shooting. A glock trigger kit is an excellent investment for any firearm. Read on to learn more about the kit’s installation process and safety features.

Benefits of a Reset Trigger Kit

Resetting your trigger can improve your shooting speed and accuracy. But, if you lack proper form, a quick reset will do little to improve your accuracy. Reset trigger kits help you condition your trigger finger for fast shooting. Here are the benefits of a reset trigger kit: First, you will shoot faster. Second, you will be less likely to disturb your sights. And third, your trigger finger will feel more comfortable.

Another benefit of a reset trigger kit is that it allows you to ride the reset. This technique effectively improves your aim, but it requires some time to learn. It’s especially useful for new shooters who are just learning the trigger.

Riding the reset allows shooters to focus on the trigger pull instead of their¬†finger placement, which prevents the common problem of sympathetic movement – when one digit moves the hand in a way that isn’t natural.

Another benefit is that it allows you to reset the trigger quickly after firing. A shorter trigger reset is more tactile and audible. This means you can shoot faster and take better follow-up shots.

Installation Process

One of the ways to troubleshoot a malfunctioning trigger is to install a reset trigger kit. This kit has everything you need to replace a trigger and is easily installed in a few minutes. To install it, you will need a few items, such as a 3/32″ punch, a long roll pin, a gunsmithing hammer, pliers, and a wood shim. During installation, you should ensure the trigger guard is properly aligned with the rear pinhole. You will also need a manual safety lever.

The next step involves installing the hammer springs. These springs are fatter on one side than the other and must fit snugly into the recessed hole on the trigger. When installing the hammer spring, you should install it the same way you installed the trigger. It would help if you made sure the metal wire connecting the two springs is behind the hook of the hammer.

Once the trigger shoes are correctly aligned, you should install the pretravel stop. The pretravel stop is layered between the trigger shoe and the fire control unit. After it’s installed, you should release the trigger shoe and install the grip module.

Safety Features

When choosing a reset trigger kit, choose one with the necessary safety features. You want to ensure that your trigger moves smoothly so that you can take fast and accurate shots.

Safety features such as a safety lever and custom safety lever will ensure that you have a safe and secure trigger.

The Short Reset System is designed to be easy to install and works with the HL P30 trigger mechanism. Its control latch is wire-cut EDM, heat-treated, and coated with durable nickel PTFE.

Reset trigger kits have newer styles of trigger safety, and they usually protrude past the trigger shoe when fully depressed. 

Installation Cost

A reset trigger kit is a great way to improve your firearm’s functionality. It reduces the trigger’s travel by 70 percent when used with dual adjustable triggers.

The kit also makes the trigger reset process faster. Unlike other kits, you don’t need to hire a gunsmith to install a reset trigger kit.

A custom-designed sear and trigger lever are included in the kit. These parts are hand-finished to ensure optimal engagement angle and minimize over travel.