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4 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Vegetable Garden

4 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Vegetable Garden

For people that are greatly focused on their diets and eating healthy, the idea of having a vegetable garden sounds like a dream. There is nothing better than growing your own food and knowing exactly what goes in it. With the consumer society that we live in today, you never know what really goes into your food. This is the main reason why people are choosing to buy organic foods, given that they are less genetically modified, and more natural to consume. 

Having your own garden has a lot of benefits, not only is the food that you harvest going to be more natural and clean than the one you buy at the supermarket, but you get access to your own food from the comfort of your own home. 

Nevertheless, having a garden isn’t a piece of cake, there are often some struggles and complications that come with it, for this reason it is important to consider some things previous to starting your own garden.

1. Do You Have Access To Enough Sun?

You need to have a spot, preferably outside where your garden can pick up on natural sunlight. Vegetables love the sun and for that reason you need to find a place in your garden, outside your home where the sun is constantly touching the ground. Depending on the type of vegetable, you want to grow, is the amount of sunlight that you need to give your plants.

2. Organic or Not?

You need to decide which type of planting you want to take a part of. There are some fertilizers that have chemicals in them and therefore they help your plants grow faster and last even longer. Nevertheless, this process is far from organic, as you are helping your vegetables to grow by adding things to the soil or to them. You need to make sure if you want to have an altered vegetable garden or an organic one without any added substances. If you want to have an organic one you need to check for every ingredient that you buy to make sure it is pesticide and chemical free. 

3. Fencing

You need to consider a piece of land where you will plant your vegetables and therefore, add a fence around them to protect them from wild animals. Animals like rabbits, raccoons, or even birds might try to get into your garden in order to eat your harvest. Therefore, you have to protect it from predators by adding a fence around it and even over it. If you aren’t able to do so yourself, searching for a handyman near me in Milton or your location is a viable alternative as professionals have the expertise to carry out such installations with ease. Consider that animals such as mice can get in and therefore make sure that your fence protects your entire vegetable garden from anything coming in. 

4. Time and Patience

A vegetable garden doesn’t grow in one day and, therefore, if you are planning on starting your own garden you need to be considerate of the time that takes for the crops to grow and the time that you’ll have to invest into your garden. Make sure you cultivate your patience as well, as you will require a lot of it initially. It is after all a big project to take on, but a great DIY to do at home.